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Justin Bieber’s Adidas Neo Photoshoot

Justin_Neo_4Justin Bieber is featured in a new campaign for the Adidas NEO Summer 2013 collection.

Justin heats things up for his role in the Summer edition, looking sexy and confident in a variety of new fashionable apparel from the now trending outfitter.

Adidas NEO released a video with a behind the scenes look of his recent photoshoot! Check out the clip & gallery below!



Justin & Ellen announced earlier this month that they are associated with WeTopia. WeTopia is a social game in which players can earn Joy by playing with friends, and spend that Joy helping children in the real world. You play to give to charity.

Play For Good!


Justin & Ellen want you to play, so go play & and #MakeAChange ♥

Recycled Beliebers

Yesterday, the infamous and amazing Kingsley (A Popular Youtuber) made a statement over Twitter yesterday that pissed a lot of One Directioners off.

King is not wrong though. There are so many Beliebers out there that switched to 1D in like 2.5 freaking seconds. I’m not saying all Beliebers are disloyal of course, but to me, Justin is on a Top Notch level in my eyes. A level that nobody else can touch. Justin is my god, and I could never put anybody on that same level as him. ​


A lot of One Directioners felt like Kingsley was attacking Every One Direction fan, which is a bunch of Bullshit because he blatantly said that he was referring to the Recycled Beliebers that he was currently following on Twitter.

Kingsley is a Loyal Belieber so sit yall asses down :-P


Can you be a One Directioner and a Belieber at the same time?… Beliebers are rivals to everyone.

Beliebers < Jonas Brother Fans
Beliebers < Little Monsters
Beliebers < One Directioner

I’m debating this issue,  because Belieber means a Huge Bieber fan right?

You are either a Belieber, or a Justin Bieber Fan. Im a Belieber, why? Because I’m a die hard Bieberholic. I’m Justin’s #1 fan.

Don’t try to lower the standards of what it means to be a “Belieber.”

 We are very disappointed in these POLL Results. We truly worry about the Loyalty of this fan base.

[polldaddy poll=6003805]


You will never see anything “One Direction” related, on this web site. This is the house of “The Bieber” ;-)

Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless For Screaming Beliebers

A crowd of Beliebers were thrilled to see Justin skateboarding outside his recording studio in Miami last night — then he took off his shirt and they went BALLISTIC.

Bieber was at the Hit Factory and a crowd of about 60 fans gathered outside. According to one witness, the group waited about five hours for a glimpse of the Biebs, when he finally obliged and came out to skateboard for a few minutes.

Nice Abs Bieber ;-)



P.S. I have the picture above, as my Poster in my room xD Isn’t it so yummy??!!! :-D