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NEW JB Plush Teddy Bears!

YAY Two more Plush Justin Bieber teddy bears have been manufactured and added to the Collection!


Sneak peak of “Never Let You Go” singing doll coming to the UK this fall! By JUSTIN BIEBER TOYS


I recommend you like their Facebook Page and see their Website! Tons of awesome updates and cool JB merchandise!



Justin Bieber Delivers on Obama’s Photo Promise

Justin Bieber made a girl’s wish come true — and proved President Barack Obama was a man of his word — when he met a young fan whose dad died in 9/11.

Last month, Barack was at an event at Ground Zero where he promised 14-year-old Payton Wall he could arrange a meeting with The Biebs. The White House contacted Bieber that day and put the plan in motion.

Bieber met with Wall (left), her sister Avery, and her friend Madison Roberson on Thursday in NYC and posted a photo of the meeting on her Facebook page (see above). Ironically, the meeting was just moments after Bieber’s near-riot outside Macy’s in Times Square.

Payton told the NY Post she was more nervous meeting Bieber than she was Obama.

Jelena Marriage Proposal -Hoax via The Justin Bieber Shrine


Some people have came to me very upset claiming they have seen an Article on The Justin Bieber Shrine about Justin Bieber Proposing To Selena Gomez.

Let me point out a couple reasons why this is Fake.

Justin obviously comes from a very Moral and loving family. Knowing Justin, he would want the Proposal to be Extra Special, without his LIFE CHANGING Surprise to be exposed on the Internet.

Justin hasnt fully come clean about dating Gomez like Selena has from time to time. A couple times Justin has actually admitted it, but not completely.

That being said, News/Gossip floating around on the internet claiming that Justin Drew Bieber is going to propose to Selena Marie Gomez, you would think would be a popular rumor…

The JB Shrine is always out to get  Publicity as much as Possible. Making Drastic and far fetched posts and false news with inaccurate and copied articles. I wouldnt Believe this Hype.

Now LETS JUST SAY; that this is true. Then what ever happens is going to happen. Then I am wrong and The JB Shrine is right. But I highly doubt this news.

So when A Lot of time has passed and nothing happens, kind of like the make Believe APOCALYPSE on May 21St 2011,  what will Shrine Say? Or better yet, will they trash their BS Article and give it up. I dont know, but what I do know is, I will always be straight forward and back up every single word and post with evidence.

Jelena: OVEREXPOSED And Beach Heat



The picture above is a little “Out there” considering their ‘PARTS’ are matching up.”

If they both sat down, no one would ever know…. ;-)


So if your Familiar with The Bieber SPACE, then you would know that I am a Kingsley Fan. Im always giving him shout outs and props, but once again HE KILLED IT!


Honestly, its not that Us Beliebers are Pissed off that hes dating, but were pissed at WHO HES DATING.

Selena’s one of the Disney Channel “Whores” whos banging Justin. Now you have to give the girl props because she was Smart.

She Knew once she got with Justin, her Publicity would go Viral. If anything, Miley is the Dumb one for not Going after Justin. Miley could have EASILY Beatin Gomez to the punch, but she didnt.

I dont think this Relationship is fake, I think Selena Gomez is fake. I wrote an article recently that explained a little bit about what I mean when I say shes Dating Justin for Publicity.

Kingsley is right though. But I dont think the age difference is a problem, I think the main Problem factor in this whole situation is who Justin is “Dry Humping.”


Us Beliebers are Horny for Justin and are being teased by these Pictures and he doesnt even have a sex tape out??? What a JIP!… Lol, But is it, or is it not true. I bet if Justin came out with a Sex tape, it would probably damage his career as opposed to having a Baby with Gomez.


Gawd for bid she’d be the mother of his child. The world would come to an end and The Bieber SPACE Would close down… Okay not that drastic, but that’d be SO NEWS WORTHY! :-D