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VIRAL Tumblr Fake Justin Bieber Video (Beat Up By A Girl)


Today things on Tumblr have kind of gone a little wild with a video of a teenage boy with long brown hair resisting romantic relations with a girl and gets harassed and beat up for resisting the teenage girl.

People are claim that the video is indeed Justin Bieber himself but clearly it shows it is another boy with the same style Justin used to have until he had his recent hair cut. Just because a guy has long wavy hair like Justin used to have does not mean there needs to be a comparison between the Two. I see it alot and it doesnt make any sense. I may have the same haircut as my Neighbor Four houses down, or my Cousin may have the same style. Do we look like because of our hair?

The boy in the video is not Justin, but all over Tumblr, Titles say otherwise.

Justin Bieber Singing Rebecca Blacks “FRIDAY”

Omb Justin. Really?!….. Okay, I dont even know what to say to this…

I dont even want to post the video. But if you still want to see it, Click HERE.

I feel that Justin has crossed the line here. What do you think about Justin Singing “FRIDAY?”

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Rebecca Black to Topple Justin Bieber for Most-Disliked Video on YouTube

I usually dont give people like Rebecca Black the satisfaction and fame by putting them on this website. but I found this interesting.

“Both  and  went through similar path in rising to stardom by becoming online sensation. The former gained her fame via her critically-panned “Friday” viral clip, while the latter got a lot of fans through his much-praised music videos including “Baby” clip.

Since her music got negative reviews, it’s not surprising that Black scored as many as 1.1 million “dislikes” out of 60 million views on YouTube. She collected the number less than a month after dropping the video on the web. This puts her as one of the strong contenders for the “most-disliked video” on the video-sharing website.

Last year, Bieber reportedly was the one who got the title with over 1 million “dislikes”, despite the fact he also got the most-watched video. Now the “Baby” video, which has been watched by 500 million people, has moved to only 1.1 million “dislikes”. Thus, it will pass the “honor” if the “Friday” clip continues to rapidly gain the “thumb-downs”.

Black herself keeps her head high despite the criticisms. In her recent message to The Sun, she hit back at the haters, “You think you are bringing me down and making me not want to do this any more. But you’re making me stronger and want to do it even more.”

She’s ready to show what she’s capable of in a debut album. “Here I am in a studio working on my debut album. I’m going to prove you wrong. Just like Friday, the new songs are pretty catchy,” the teenager gushed.”

Okay, just because she received over 1 Million Dislikes and views on her video does not make her FAME Worthy. They hand out FAME to the people who dont even deserve it, as appose to the people who want it desperately and who work “HARD” for it and dont receive it.

But as long as people continue to TALK about, Listen, and Mention Rebecca Black, she will continue to be famous. And Quite frankly, I do not support her. So if you want to, GREAT! :-D Wonderful, good for you. But I think this is being way to overly dramatized. There is only ONE Viral Video King.

And that is yours truly, JUSTIN DREW BIEBER :-)

Rebecca Black Compared To Justin Bieber… (BS)

Rebecca Black. Some annoying teeny bopper, long story short, made a terrible and annoying music video. Now no offence to the poor little girl, but singing is clearly not her talent. And yet, some people are really quick to compare her YOUTUBE Hits to Justin Bieber…… No sweety, I dont know how this video got over 7,000,000 hits, but theres clearly an issue here.


My Man KINGSLEY (King) Explains it pretty well.


Why do people want and try to make people with Absolutely no talent Famous? Shall we go down the list?

  • Antoine Dodson
  • Rebecca Black
  • Jaden Smith
  • Miley Cyrus

Now Jaden smith is a talented actor, but he cannot rap.

This website usually isnt a Name Dropping Tabloid-ish type site, but My point is!

You cannot Compare ANYONE to Justin Bieber. You really can’t. It doesnt work. There is no “If, And’s, or But’s.”

Just like Greyson Chance. Hes a great singer and pianist, but hes no Justin Bieber. No comparison.