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Justin Bieber Performing In Dublin, Ireland (Feb 2013)

 Justin’s back at it, tearin’ up the stage in Dublin (Feb 17th)!

Check out the crazy footage below!





ONE TIME (Justin Bieber The Prince Of Pop) Two Year Anniversary

As you True Beliebers know, today is the 2 Year Anniversary of ONE TIME! Justin’s First hit single World Wide!

It’s what helped shape him who he is today. Its crazy to know how fast time is passing. With every breath and every moment gone is a tragedy, But Justins career will last a lifetime. After all of his hard work, Justin will forever be known as the Prince Of Pop and the King Of The Internet. I am so grateful to have been born into this Generation with such an AMAZING Teen Idol such as Justin. Hes a forever legend with a forever incredibly Inspiring story.

Cheers To The TWO Year Anniversary To ONE TIME! Justin Bieber’s First Hit Single!



Bieber got asked to prom… by a BOY?!

A high school boy has asked Justin Bieber to prom via YouTube. But why does he want the Babysinger to be his date?

It’s obvious why some girls and guys would want the Biebs to go to prom with them, as plenty of teens are crushing hard on the pint-sized pop star. However, YouTube user jpmay300 says he’s not romantically interested in Justin—he just wants him to attend prom with him as his “friend” or “brother” (so Selena Gomez can breathe a sigh of relief).

Jpmay300 tries to tempt Justin to be his prom date by promising him, “We can hang out, we can dougie together, we can jerk together, and we can cat daddy together.” It’s a weird request, but also sort of endearing since most high school boys probably hate Justin Bieber for being a millionaire babe magnet. And while jpmay300’s request might seem a bit silly at first, it’s actually rather ingenuous—if he could get his video to go viral and somehow manage to get Justin Bieber to accept his prom invitation, just imagine the way the girls at his high school would start throwing themselves at him! He’d become the most popular boy in his class, and all the Beliebers in school would forever be indebted to him for getting them close to their idol.

But on the flipside of things, the epic failure of his prom video could be disastrous for the teen. Girls would simply think he was weird for posting the video in the first place, so jpmay300 wouldn’t be able to find any date for the prom. Plus there’s a very big possibility that the bullies at his school will not let this incident slip by them.

So come on, Internet! Make sure Justin Bieber sees this request and at least give jpmay300 a chance at making his dream come true—his social life just might depend on it.

Check out jpmay300’s invitation below:

So Random! (Stewie Necklace) Rollin' DEEP!

Lol can you definitely tell that this guys is not a Belieber ;-)

Justin Bieber spent $25,000 on his New Family Guy pendant BLING, which is over 12 carats of rubies and diamonds. To be sure that he got what he was paying for, Justin helped to design it! “Justin had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look,” says Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben, saying that they created the piece together.







Talk About “ROLLIN’ DEEP!”