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VIRAL Tumblr Fake Justin Bieber Video (Beat Up By A Girl)


Today things on Tumblr have kind of gone a little wild with a video of a teenage boy with long brown hair resisting romantic relations with a girl and gets harassed and beat up for resisting the teenage girl.

People are claim that the video is indeed Justin Bieber himself but clearly it shows it is another boy with the same style Justin used to have until he had his recent hair cut. Just because a guy has long wavy hair like Justin used to have does not mean there needs to be a comparison between the Two. I see it alot and it doesnt make any sense. I may have the same haircut as my Neighbor Four houses down, or my Cousin may have the same style. Do we look like because of our hair?

The boy in the video is not Justin, but all over Tumblr, Titles say otherwise.

Bodyguards Are Protecting Justin Bieber’s Hair

The singer cut his hair off to help raise money for charity.

Justin Bieber is so famous, that even his hair needs to have bodyguards – literally.

According to TMZ, the hair that Bieber recently cut off to donate to a charity auction is sitting inside of a glass case being guarded by two bodyguards.

The hair, which was sold for more than $40,000 during a charity auction on eBay, is currently on display at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami. Fans of the teenage heartthrob can actually pose with the locks if they donate money for the tsunami relief effort in Japan.

Apparently, fans have been lining up for hours to take full advantage of this opportunity.

However, before the hair is given to its rightful owner (the winner of the auction), it reportedly has to make some more special appearances around the country.


Robert Pattinson Says Justin Bieber Is a Liar

According to Justin Bieber, he and Robert Pattinson are the  best of friends.

That’s hardly surprising.  The two have a lot  in common.  Both are wildly successful teen idols.  Both  have famous and beautiful girlfriends, Selena Gomez and  Kristen Stewart.  And both have distinctive haircuts.  In an  interview earlier this month, the teen dream mused about  how they met when Pattinson allegedly approached him at  a party.  During their initial chat, the Twilight star allegedly  took it upon himself to tutor his new friend in the fine art of  picking up girls.  “For whatever reason,”  Pattinson allegedlyrevealed, “people love our hair…and it’s  always a great ice-breaker with girls.”  After that, the two  became fast friends.  “Robert is a very cool guy. I really like him,” chuckled the Biebs.  However, now Pattinson is claiming that meeting never happened.  Nor, for that matter, has any other.

Robert Pattinson has, in effect, called Justin Bieber a liar. He and the Never Say Never star are not friends.  They’re not even acquaintances.  They’re total strangers to each other.  And Pattinson is mystified as to why Justin would claim otherwise.  When Pattinson was asked, in a March 18 MTV interview, about his famous haircare advice to the Baby singer, he replied:

“I’ve never met this guy.  I saw that as well. I was like, ‘You’re really famous man — what are you doing?’ You don’t need to use me to make up stories!”  Yikes.

He’s right.  Justin Bieber certainly doesn’t need to siphon off anyone else’s fame.  So why would he make up such a story–especially when it could be so easily disputed by Robert Pattinson?  And if the Biebs is telling the truth, why would Pattinson lie and deny ever having met him.  There was nothing immoral, illegal, or libelous about their alleged conversation.  So why wouldn’t Pattinson simply acknowledge it if it actually happened?  Was Robert Pattinson high and simply unable to remember their meeting?  Or was Justin Bieber high and simply imagined it all?  Or is this a joke that the two have concocted to punk the media and the fans?