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The Ellen Show: Usher On Justin Bieber

With all of the recent rumors speculating lately that Justin is going in a downward spiral — Usher discussed this matter on The Ellen Show earlier this week.

Usher voices some wise words, check out the interview below!

Happy Birthday Justin! – From ELLEN

Lots of things were Unveiled today!

Justin’s 18Th Birthday On The ELLEN Show!

Justin announced that his New Single called “Boyfriend” will be released on March 26Th, Co-Written by Mike Posner!… oh shit. Lol, Mike Posner had only 1 hit. However, I LOVE “Baby Please Don’t Go!” Mike Posner has great music sense and I cant wait to hear what those Two cooked up in the studio!



Always giving, such an amazing person. Happy Birthday Justin!



Watch Justin & Ellen kidnap some girl… xD


Remember the first time Justin was on ELLEN?

Your legal now, no more waiting for Rihanna ;-)

Selena Gomez “BUSTED” Dating Justin Bieber

If you look Two posts down you will see the article I wrote about Selena dating her “Little Brother figure.” If you dont know what I am talking about or cant find what I am referring to, click HERE.

So today on ELLEN Selena Gomez was busted and was finally confronted about her statement last time on Ellen, “YESSS!” :-D Of course she was trying to hide her relationship with Justin, but when she said Justin was like her little brother and it would be weird, it seemed genuine. Now thats weird. I love Ellen! She always knows what to say and how to say it! Heres the clip from todays episode about Selena being confronted!