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Justin Bieber Attends “After Earth” Premiere In NYC

Justin After Earth Premiere 4At the night of the premiere for After Earth in New York city, Justin made an appearance to support his pal Jaden Smith — Wednesday (May 29).

Clad in black, Justin made a hasty get away out a back exit after the film was over, avoiding most of the paparazzi.

After Earth is out in theaters now! Click here for show times.


You Want Me – Justin Bieber

So as you Beliebers already know, Justin debuted an unfinished track Sunday (Feb 10th,) while on vacation. Getting the run around, Justin tried streaming LIVE before failing, due to Millions of fans bombarding Ustream’s servers.

After a few hours, Justin was finally able to upload a new video on Telly. Click HERE to view the video!


Justin Bieber PUNK’D, Not A ‘Public Service Announcement!!’


September 28T 2011 we wrote & published a video and article of Justin Bieber fighting.
We all thought it was a Public Service Announcement against bullying. It’s actually a PUNK’D video!



We were wondering what happened to the PSA, and it makes sense now why the video wasn’t published.
They filmed this PUNK’D episode a long time ago.

Did you guys like PUNK’D tonight? Funny stuff! Justin is indeed “UNPUNKABLE” ;-)


The altercation was supposed to freak out Miley Cyrus, because she thought she was PUNKING Justin, a prank gone wrong.