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Justin Makes A Surprise Appearance At Swift Concert!

It was the duet no one really saw coming at Taylor Swift’s concert last night at L.A.’s Staples Center.

Justin Bieber was the hitmaking songbird’s surprise performer…
About thirty minutes before Swift hit the stage, I did spot Bieber backstage when I was part of a group that was being given a behind-the-scenes tour by ready for this? Swift’s mom, Andrea.


Andrea and the Biebster hugged hello, but she made no mention he would join Taylor later on for a performance of “Baby.” Andrea said they were good friends and he comes to her shows whenever he can.

The more than 13,500 people in the arena went nuts as soon as they heard the band playing, “Baby.” “Who wants to see my friend Justin?” Swift asked the crowd.

As if she had to ask.


Justin Bieber Is My Baby Daddy

“HELLO DIS IZ GloZell!! IS You Kay? Iz You Good? Good Cuz I Wanted To Know!”



“You Know Damn Well , Thas’ Yo Baby!!!! You Know This Yo Baby!!!”

Justin Bieber Skips Kim Kardashian’s Wedding To Be With Selena Gomez

Okay kid, YOUR CRAZY! :-P


Although Justin Bieber got an invite to Kim Kardashian‘s wedding, he decided to skip the festivities. Sources tell Celebuzz that he  stayed on the East Coast and attended Selena Gomez‘s concert instead. The two were even spotted playing basketball before her show. There is some speculation that he decided to stay with his gal because he wasn’t given a +1 to the wedding.

Do you think Bieber should have attended Kim’s wedding?


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Jasmine Villages- 3 Year Restraining Order Against Machete Wielding Man


The machete-wielding man who threatened to rape and kill Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas has been ordered to stay the hell away from her for the next three years.

Jasmine had already obtained a temporary restraining order against Steven Cintron after he posted several alarming YouTube videos, containing numerous violent threats.

What a sick Bastard. You can see a Previous Article thats related to this topic HERE

I personally think she needs to send some of her Bodyguards or Boys down there to Whoop some SERIOUS Booty :-D


Jasmine is GORGEOUS! Justin should have stayed with her. Sweet girl, and shes not a Fame Whore :-P