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Bieber – Drake NEW Remix!

Wow, Justin’s style is REALLY Changing… :-D


OMB, I cant wait for Justy’s Upcoming ALBUM!!!



Jeda – Smith Break Up -Via TMZ


Is it me, or is TMZ Starting to turn into the National Enquirer?…


Sorry Beliebers! I know that this is old News already, but I feel that we still need to cover this! Lol’.


Earlier this week, TMZ Reported the Smiths Break Up (Will And Jeda Pinkette Smith), then later reported that the Couple’s Marriage is still Intact… Everyone held their breath for a while after TMZ’s Slip Up…

Justin Confirmed, Tweeting:


Justin is KING. If he says they are still together, Betta’ Beliebe they are still TOGETHER! :-D

Kathy Griffin’s Message For Justin

I Love Her!!! LOL

Shes weird xD

Shes talking about Boning a 17 Year Old… Talking about Bugs up her Coochie, Lines Under her Ass, a Message All for Justin Bieber… WOOO KATHY!!!!! #Crazy

I cant believe she said ALL of this to our Beloved Justin!… Kathy Be Kinky ;-)



Justin Makes A Surprise Appearance At Swift Concert!

It was the duet no one really saw coming at Taylor Swift’s concert last night at L.A.’s Staples Center.

Justin Bieber was the hitmaking songbird’s surprise performer…
About thirty minutes before Swift hit the stage, I did spot Bieber backstage when I was part of a group that was being given a behind-the-scenes tour by ready for this? Swift’s mom, Andrea.


Andrea and the Biebster hugged hello, but she made no mention he would join Taylor later on for a performance of “Baby.” Andrea said they were good friends and he comes to her shows whenever he can.

The more than 13,500 people in the arena went nuts as soon as they heard the band playing, “Baby.” “Who wants to see my friend Justin?” Swift asked the crowd.

As if she had to ask.