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Beauty And A Beat Music Video!

The Beauty And A Beat Video Is Finally Here!!!!!!

I thought the video was great! The video’s dynamic is definitely different, which I think separates this — from other New videos that are hitting the web now.

So did you guys like it? What are some of your favorite moments in the video? Sound off in the comments below!


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ONE TIME (Justin Bieber The Prince Of Pop) Two Year Anniversary

As you True Beliebers know, today is the 2 Year Anniversary of ONE TIME! Justin’s First hit single World Wide!

It’s what helped shape him who he is today. Its crazy to know how fast time is passing. With every breath and every moment gone is a tragedy, But Justins career will last a lifetime. After all of his hard work, Justin will forever be known as the Prince Of Pop and the King Of The Internet. I am so grateful to have been born into this Generation with such an AMAZING Teen Idol such as Justin. Hes a forever legend with a forever incredibly Inspiring story.

Cheers To The TWO Year Anniversary To ONE TIME! Justin Bieber’s First Hit Single!



Disney Bitchiz


Ahahaha! Isn’t this so funny? :-D

The DISNEY Bitchiz may not want to Undress Justy, but 15,000,000 Beliebers will! ;-)










Chris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber OFFICIAL Next 2 U Music Video!


The LEAK Just wasnt cutting it. What An AWESOME VID! Good Job CB and JB! Make an Awesome Team and Collaboration!!! Video was Crazy! The whole story line is incredible! I don’t know what the Hell Chris Brown was doing having a Seizure on Camera, but it wasn’t the appropriate Time Considering THE SKY WAS FALLING!!!!! But It Was GREAT!

Justin was TOTALLY Workin’ it in this Video! Woo Sexy Bieber! ;-) It was like watching a Movie!… All romantic an s***.


Awesome Work Guys!!!

Its like 4:00 AM US Mountain Time when this was Released…. :-P