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Justin Bieber: Forever – Lyrics Video (Unreleased Song 2009)

Took 2 days to create this video, Hope you guys like it! This song kind of grew on me, it’s such a good song.
This is our FIRST Ever Official Lyric Video, so be sure to let us know on what you think about our videos!

And maybe soon, we’ll create some more :-D


Click Image For Full Size Wallpaper!

Forever is an Unreleased Track from 2009. Forever was Leaked while a Newer Version of the Track was being Remade. (In 2011)

We recently made a Lyric Video to this song, but UMG  Records claimed copyright ownership to the Audio Track and Youtube was Obligated to Block the Video Worldwide.

We since then Re-uploaded the Lyric Video with the Newer Version of the song

So here is the New 2011 Remade Version of FOREVER!