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Pattie Mallette Discusses New Film & Jelena’s Relationship On The “Today Show”

Pattie Mallette appeared on the “Today” show to discuss a number of things, including the announcement of her newest project as an executive producer of a new film “Crescendo.”

Though, Host Savannah Guthrie had to ask about her son Justin Bieber. Justin is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

“I think we’re both nervous,” Pattie said. “He’s been rehearsing all week and practicing… he’s excited.”

Bieber’s mom has had to endure seeing her son’s image slightly change lately with reports of partying and other bad-boy antics.

“It’s tough letting go and letting our kids make the mistakes they need to make,” she said. “I just have to trust that he’s made good decisions in the past, and hopefully he’s learned from my mistakes.”

And of course, the subject of his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez, came up.

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“You know, I just try and support whatever he’s wanting,” Mallette said about Bieber & Gomez. “I think [Selena is] a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great.”

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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY To All Of The Wonderful Moms Out There In The World!

And if you dont have a mommy, just know. I Loves You! -Dre

Thanks Mama Bieber, Pattie Mallette for giving Birth to our “Tiny faced God.” Have a wonderful and blessed day!

-The Bieber Space.

WOW is it that time already? Time passes by SO FAST! Amazing Isnt It?

Take care everyone! No Updates until Monday May 9Th. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! :-D

Mothers Day Only Comes Once A Year! Make This Count!




Happy Birthday Pattie Mallette!!! (@StudioMama)

Happy Birthday Mama Bieber!.. I mean mallette.

May all of your Birthday wishes come true! You have accomplished so much and have raised One of the Worlds most Famous celebrities in history! At 34 your still hot and rockin! Thank you so much for giving our “TIny faced” god life!

My mother had me at 17 as well. Justin is lucky to have such a young and awesome mom at 17 years old.

Have an amazing Birthday, and Party it up!!!