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So TMZ Was smart enough to cover FOX NEWS’s Bull**** Expose’ on Justin’s Behavior, calling him a Brat and a Diva.

TMZ Caught Bieber Himself leaving Katsuya in Hollywood yesterday … when a Paparazzi asked about a report that he was a total jerk on a recent American Airlines flight from L.A. to Asia … being difficult with flight attendants and refusing to take a photo with the pilot.

Justin replied, “I don’t think you should believe everything you hear … people make stuff up all the time.”

He adds, “Supposedly I’m dead today … that’s the rumor.”


Lol I Imagine that Justin has Died about probably 100,000,000+ Times. GEZUS, Talk about Immortality!

I wrote a Review on FOX’s Expose’, expressing my Honest Opinions on the Subject. Come on, when you have That Much MONEY $$$ and can get New Ass Every night, Of COURSE People are guna Hate.

Bieber & Gaga Dominate the Music Industry! He’s 17 and went Platinum at 15 so Go Figure people are going to make these sort of Accusations.

ESPECIALLY for Publicity! I could Imagine all of the Websites that have Re-Posted that Article have MAJOR Hits right now.

Everyone wants to see Bieber Mess up for a Good HEADLINER. I say Screw the Media and stick to what Comes out of Justin’s Mouth. At least then we have Proof on whats really going on.



TMZ is such a B*tch, so you have to watch it HERE:-(