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Justin Bieber Chats To James Barr On Capital FM (Jerry Talk)


Justin’s 18 now, I love how hes comfortable with talking to random ass strangers about his Penis lol.

his laugh at 2:09 is the cuttest laugh ever ♥

Believe is FINALLY ON ITS WAY! We’re in the Promoting stage, we get to see more of Justin everyday & view tons of Interviews & pictures online right before the big album drops! You ready Beliebers? ;-)

Who Is Jerry?


Who Is Jerry‘ is currently trending on twitter. Capital FM ( a UK radio station ) asked a Belieber over Twitter —



Justin is obviously familiar with term Beliebers came up with for his Penis — “The BieberConda” ;-) So earlier this month, he decided to give his Dick another name lol.




No one on the front line of Justin’s team is called Jerry, so Belieber, being the nasty & crazy bitches that we are, claimed that name.

Jerry does sound a lot better than “BieberConda” tho.

What do you Beliebers think? :-D

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Justin’s “Really Big Dick” Tweet