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Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian Hook-Up in Miami

It has been almost two years since Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian gave millions of Beliebers minor heart attacks when they posed together at the White House.


Kim has been in Miami scouting out new locations for her family’s business. While in the city, she couldn’t help herself from checking up on The Biebs. Justin has been up in the studio for the past week, and a little female company was most likely greatly appreciated. Kim and Justin have not talked about their little meeting, but the cameras were there and caught Kim heading into the studio. Who else would she be visiting? Unless, she’s cooking up a new scheme and is preparing to jump into the music business… God help us.

Justin has been hanging with some older guys who were probably happy to see the luscious reality star. The hundreds of —
Beliebers staking outside the studio were overjoyed to get a glimpse of Bieber and the hot reality star that night. Timbaland’s brother, Sebastian Mosley, tweeted a picture of himself and Kim in the studio.


Justin Bieber was nowhere to be seen, but Mosley acknowledged he was around. In fact, he kept up a running commentary on the massive number of fans who were staked outside the recording studio. Beliebers tweeted Mosley begging him to convince Justin to walk outside so they could catch a glimpse of him.

Justin Bieber “Where are you now”

Why Haven’t I Seen This????

The video says it was uploaded in 2009 with over 43,300,000 Views, and it’s risen from the grave all of a sudden? Im shell shocked at the moment.


Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans For Airport Dash


Justin Bieber has recently apologized to his fans for not greeting them at a French airport on Monday (30th January).

Justin was in Cannes for the 2012 NRJ Music Awards, took to Twitter to explain why he couldn’t stop and chat — all because of Paparazzi.





Bieber Tweeted “I want to clear something up that is important to me. The other day in the airport I got surrounded by 20 paps. I don’t like small spaces and I just wanted to get on the plane.”

“I ran to get thru the gate and there is a video of me running by fans and on the other side you don’t see the 20 paps. I would never run by my fans and for those that i did pass that day I AM SORRY. I know my fans are my everything. I know my responsibility to them. I LOVE MY BELIEBERS.”

“So as I get older I know I will learn to deal with these things better and better just still learning. still human. just had to get that out.”

Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez has also commented on the pressures of being in the public eye, telling Cosmopolitan that herself and JB just want a normal relationship.


[one_half] The video of Justin running away from the Paps is VERY Brief, short, and a waste of time. But for those who are curious, here…. [/one_half]

Lil Wayne Skateboards With Justin Bieber


Oh gawd…. Stay away from him Weezy… 

Lil Wayne has been going hard at his skateboard game recently (even launching his new Trukfit clothing line) and this week the Young Money rapper paid a visit to Justin Bieber in the studio and even took some time for a skateboarding session with him. “Good time in the studio last night. back at it tonight. oh yeah…and big bro came thru…,” Bieber tweeted, linking to a photo of him and Wayne with their skateboards. “and when i say big bro i mean @LilTunechi. #BELIEVE IT #family.”

While it’s unknown whether Wayne will appear on Bieber’s album, a certain super-producer is definitely in the mix, according to another tweet: “in the studio with @timbaland and the crew. #creating… got a lot of things i want to write about. ready to make music.”

Bieber has said he hopes his new album will have a Justin Timberlake vibe, similar to what Timbaland created on FutureSex/LoveSounds.

And for those wondering how it all went in the studio, Bieber’s longtime manager, Scooter Braun, filled fans in. “got great reports on the first night with @justinbieber and @timbaland,” Braun tweeted. “Exciting stuff. heard YMCMB stopped by too. gonna be interesting.”

Believe is set to drop later this year. Bieber has already worked with Black Eyed Peas mastermind will.i.am, who will reportedly produce a song for the album. Whether Weezy will have any part on the album, Bieber has said he’s been in talks with other MCs, like pal Drake and Kanye West, to make appearances on the album.