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Justin Bieber Shows Everyone How It’s Done In Las Bieber!

He’s only 17 years old, but high roller Justin Bieber already knows how to live it up in Sin City!

Justy stayed with his dad in the ultra-chic Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Platinum Penthouse in the Paradise Tower on July 2, and spared no expense on the weekend getaway.

Complete with skyscraper views of the city, flat screens, a pool table and a wet bar, the ultra-glitzy, multi-room penthouse was fit for a king or maybe a mini mogul! That night, Justin tweeted, “UFC fights tonight. Excited to watch em with my dad” before heading off to take in the UFC Cruz vs. Faber fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. And the father-son duo must have worked up an appetite at the fight! They headed back to their penthouse to kick back and feast on pizza, chicken wings, churros,and garlic knots, just to name a few.

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Fans Sneak Into Justin Bieber’s Hotel Room

“Two over excited fans allegedly sneaked into Justin Bieber’s hotel room. The 17-year-old singer was reportedly furious upon finding the girls, who had been taking photos of his personal items, in his room.

So how in the world did these two fans get past security to sneak into Justin Bieber’s private hotel room? Like something out of TV show, the girls dressed as maids and gained entrance into the room.

According to sources, “The hotel was swamped by fans all desperate to catch a glimpse of Justin. But two particularly enterprising girls snuck in through a side entrance, and stole two housekeeping outfits.”

‘After ditching their regular clothes and slipping into their new costumes, they got the lift to Justin’s suite and knocked on the door, calling ‘housekeeping’. Having been allowed in, the girls began half-heartedly polishing tables and dusting surfaces.'”

For some reason…. Im not buying this, and this story has been everywhere. Doesnt this sound like too much of a tall tale?