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TV Guide: Biebers Hair

Let me just say, Its AWESOME seeing Tabatha talking about “The Biebs!” She is AWESOME!!!!!!

(Tabatha’s Salon Take Over Mondays 9/10C)

Justin Bieber’s stylist Vanessa Price tells TV Guide about creating his iconic haircut that sent a generation of young girls to frenzy.

Im sorry, but if you Unfollowed Justin for cutting his Hair, your not a REAL Belieber. A Belieber stands for EVERYTHING about Justin, and supports every decision he makes. Even if it means, going off and Screwing Selena Gomez. Because its about him and only him. So to those 80,000 Twitter followers who stopped Beliebing in him, that’s very disappointing and sad. Like Justin said, After the hair cut, eventually, Us Beliebers will get over it.


Do you Miss Justy’s Old Hairstyle?

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Justin Bieber’s Sexiest Video Ever!


LOL I Love Snoop! Isnt he so funny?! Im glad that they added Snoop Dogg in the film, that makes it that much better! And the hair Flip? WOW! :-D RIP hairl Flip! :-(

VIRAL Tumblr Fake Justin Bieber Video (Beat Up By A Girl)


Today things on Tumblr have kind of gone a little wild with a video of a teenage boy with long brown hair resisting romantic relations with a girl and gets harassed and beat up for resisting the teenage girl.

People are claim that the video is indeed Justin Bieber himself but clearly it shows it is another boy with the same style Justin used to have until he had his recent hair cut. Just because a guy has long wavy hair like Justin used to have does not mean there needs to be a comparison between the Two. I see it alot and it doesnt make any sense. I may have the same haircut as my Neighbor Four houses down, or my Cousin may have the same style. Do we look like because of our hair?

The boy in the video is not Justin, but all over Tumblr, Titles say otherwise.