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Justin Bieber Interview At Macy’s June 23

Well sorry to Burst your Bubble Justy, but Im a Gay Guy who will be buying your Perfume :-D FTW!

Im sure many other Gay Beliebers will do the same :-P

Will It Blend? -Justin Bieber


I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but its fun to watch! :-D

And if you read the comments below the video, Of course it’s nothing but Bieber Haters.

Heres a little shout out. Terrorists are Promised 72 Virgins. Bieber has 15 Million +. So either way Justy wins ;-)

"MY WORLD" D'TRIX Cover! (He Has Bieber FEVER)



Ahahaha! EPIC! :-D


Im wondering if there is a little more to D’Trix’s story if you catch meh drift! ;-) That was a little too…. Sexy :-D



Lesbians Mad At Justin Bieber


Lol God bless the Lezboz! This video came out when Justin first got his hair cut, but I found this and thought it would be funny for the people who haven’t seen it before.

Rock on lesbians and gays! and Biebians!