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Selena Gomez Addresses Her Break Up With Justin Bieber On ‘David Letterman’

This is the first interview where Selena has confirmed and addressed her break up with Justin Bieber.

David Letterman told Gomez during the interview, that he was having a discussion with Justin the last time he saw him, and that he made Justin cry. Selena responded with “Well then, that makes Two of us.”

Selena’s remark had pissed a lot of Beliebers off. Check out the interview below!





(Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber)

David Letterman – “Spring Breakers” Star, Selena Gomez- FULL INTERVIEW


I’m questioning myself as of to why I haven’t posted this Video a couple days ago considering I am a HUGE RWJ =3 Fan! :-D


As of a lot of you know, Ray reviews Viral Videos on the Internet. So there is a video of a Pathetic Dude crying over Justin Bieber, Yelling at the Bieber Haters to Leave Justin Alone. Now, nothing personal against the dude because I am a Male Belieber, but all this kid really did was just make an ass out of himself Lol.

At least Ray Admits The Truth!!! Aren’t We ALL Jealous Of Justy? :-P

Heres the Uncut raw footage of the “Leave Justin Bieber Alone,” Video. The video contains very strong language and I advise you to Not take this guy serious but to Laugh your ass off!


I’ve see so Many different types of Bieber Haters everywhere, but you’d have to be a Pretty Weak Minded Bitch to be affected by anyone on the Internet Lol.

All this kid is doing is making False and empty pathetic Promises about hacking Others and getting people Arrested while Humiliating himself in front of THOUSANDS Of people.

He thinks hes sending people a message, but hes just giving Internet Users and everyone amusing pitiful Entertainment :-P

As MUCH AS I HATE The Bieber Haters, sometimes you just have to move on with your day and let it go :-D

Justin Bieber Weeps Onstage: Does He Miss Selena Gomez? (Video)

Justin Bieber is still in the UK on the first leg of his long-awaited My World Tour, which is becoming an increasingly drama-filled experience. Not only is the teen dream performing before his usual sold-out crowds, but his mere presence has also caused a riot on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. He also caused a “riot situation” in Liverpool, England, where local police forbade him to set foot outside the Hard Day’s Night Hotel room where he sat, literally trapped by thousands of screaming fans. Yes, it’s been a bizarre ride for the Never Say Never guy, and it’s becoming even more so.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin Bieber appeared to break down and cry during a March 5 performance in England. A video of the Biebs’s performance shows him leaning over a prop and hiding his face against his sleeve before continuing his rendition of That Should Be Me. When he stands up, his cheeks are wet with tears. That Should be Me is, of course, an extremely emotional song.

Did Justin tear up over the ballad’s sad lyrics? Perhaps. Or has the teen idol been missing his girlfriend Selena Gomez so much while on tour, that the torch song automatically activated his tear ducts? Possibly.

The performance in question was one of the Biebs’s first in the UK. Justin and Selena were often described as “inseparable” prior to his departure. After that, the sudden separation must have seemed unbearable, especially for a 17-year-old. In fact, Justin reportedly phones Selena at every possible opportunity, 24/7.

More disturbingly, the song’s lyric’s may provide another clue as to what prompted Justin’s onstage mini-meltdown. That Should Be Me is a song about a guy whose girl has dumped him for another guy. Has Selena Gomez left Justin Bieber for someone else? Or is he afraid that she’s about to? If so, the lyrics–“Rumors spreadin’ bout this other guy/ Do you do what you did when you did with me/ Does he love you the way I can?”– would definitely have a devastating effect on Justin, even in the middle of a performance. Yikes.

Could there really be trouble in paradise for the perfect teen couple? Hopefully not, but only time will tell.

There is a third and far more mundane possibility. Is Justin Bieber simply a consummate performer who psyched himself up to cry “crocodile” tears onstage, to make his performance more emotionally “genuine?” Once again, it’s possible.

Although tears are clearly visible on the teen dream’s cheeks, it’s impossible to tell why he’s crying on the video below. Nevertheless, you’re welcome to watch it and belieb what you will.



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