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The Jeselnik Offensive: Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank Note

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik discussed Justin’s recent controversial note in Anne Frank’s guest book on his Comedy Central show, “The Jeselnik Offensive.”

The ridiculous incident has pissed a lot of overly sensitive people off, looking for ways to discredit or slander Justin Bieber. Although, the panel on The Jeselnik Offensive make fun of the situation. Check out the video below!

The Jeselnik Offensive premieres it’s new season this summer on Comedy Central!

New Marijuana Named After Justin Bieber – “JB Kush” (Bieber WEED)



“WOO!!!!!! Gimme Some Justin Bieber Weed!!!!!” Lol, thats a good influence on the kids ehh?

How funny! :-D I bet thats going to be SUPER Popular! They better make that “Good Quality” If they’re naming it after Justy!

I love this Idea, but then again, It might encourage teenage Beliebers to Smoke even more than what they do now ;-) This is just crazy.

Would You Buy Some “JB Kush” aka Bieber Weed?!!!!

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