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Justin Bieber In His Undies In The Miami Heat

Justin Bieber ditched his T-shirt and shorts to relax poolside in his undies in Miami on Monday (January 28). — Yes I know, this is really late posting these shots, but they’re just too hot to pass up! ;-)

Justin Bieber PUNK’D, Not A ‘Public Service Announcement!!’


September 28T 2011 we wrote & published a video and article of Justin Bieber fighting.
We all thought it was a Public Service Announcement against bullying. It’s actually a PUNK’D video!



We were wondering what happened to the PSA, and it makes sense now why the video wasn’t published.
They filmed this PUNK’D episode a long time ago.

Did you guys like PUNK’D tonight? Funny stuff! Justin is indeed “UNPUNKABLE” ;-)


The altercation was supposed to freak out Miley Cyrus, because she thought she was PUNKING Justin, a prank gone wrong.