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Justin Bieber’s “Baby” To Be Deleted From YouTube?


Time and time, again it has been proven that no one has more avid fans than teen superstar Justin Bieber. Yet, again the singer is causing a Twitter storm as his nearly 11 million followers rally amidst rumors that his “Baby” music video is in danger of deletion from YouTube because of the massive amounts of dislikes. 

So, is the pop star’s famous song going to be wiped from YouTube? Well, not quite.

With over 1.5 million dislikes versus just over 750,000 likes, the videos massive popularity is proving a disservice to the video that is in danger of falling prey to YouTube’s algorithms that determine whether or not to keep a video based on reception. Typically, Bieber’s video would have been trashed… if it was just a regular person’s submission.

However, since the video is an official release of Bieber’s record label and not just a submission from a random YouTube user, the record label has to consent to its deletion. which, due to its overwhelming popularity, is doubtful. 

Fans have taken to both Twitter and YouTube amid the gossip begging/threatening YouTube from deleting the video to Bieber’s biggest hit. Fans started the hashtag #dontdeletebaby and the Top Trend “Dear YouTube” in protest.

Fans are promising to boycott YouTube or even physically assault people who work there. Others, probably the ones who disliked the video in the first place are hailing for its deletion.  

The video is the most disliked on YouTube, it was second to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” which was removed due to copyright issues in June then re-uploaded onto Black’s VeVo page. YouTube probablyhas no real intention of taking down the video which has accumulated over half a billion views, and the backlash towards the channel is most likely misguided hormones on the part of young fans. 

What do you think? Will YouTube try and remove “Baby” for being too disliked?

 If Youtube Deletes BABY, then Im DONE Using Youtube. How can you Beliebers let the Haters Win over us? Come on Guys, were stronger than that! Lets kick those ratings Sky High and lets BIEBER-BLAST! Lets do it for Justy! :-D

Justin Bieber's Tricks For Picking Up Chicks

Even though this girl is VERY Cheesy, she is FUNNY! :-P

No shes not a Biebian, but Good Job Youtuber: 

A Feisty Bieber (Twitter Argument)

Recently, ALL Of The Bieber SPACE’s Original pictures were Destroyed. LUCKILY, GOOGLE is a freakin’ Miracle Worker! So, thanks GOOGLE Images! :-D

Some of the Resolution is pretty bad so I helped translate at the bottom of each photo.


So this after noon on Twitter, some of us have noticed that Justy has been Arguing or going back and forth with an Unknown Individual.

The conversation started with the First Tweet:


So assuming Justin is talking to a New Recording artists or a “Wana Be.” Lets continue down the line:

The 1St is the TWEET That probably got everyone because he is calling someone else a rooki, considering Justin was in that position 2 years ago. Also, about 3-5 minutes later, Justin Deleted it….

But Justin is right, and you should know better than to Mess or tangle with The Biebs!!! ;-) I mean, thats just SUICIDE considering Justin has 9 MILLION + Beliebers on his side waiting on Standby! :-D

Then Justy decided he wasn’t going to give the Unknown individual the Satisfaction anymore, posting this next tweet.

(Pictures/Tweet(s) LOST And Unrecoverable ATM :-( )

I dont know about you Beliebers, But I REALLY Want to know who he was talking too LOL!

My bets are on Cody Simpson or some Trashy Get Rich Quick Wana Be Music Artist. But then again, it has to be someone worth talking to because Justin doesnt just WASTE Is breath on anyone... What do you think? Leave your Comments in the section Below! :-D


Thanks for Defending us JUSTY! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Will It Blend? -Justin Bieber


I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but its fun to watch! :-D

And if you read the comments below the video, Of course it’s nothing but Bieber Haters.

Heres a little shout out. Terrorists are Promised 72 Virgins. Bieber has 15 Million +. So either way Justy wins ;-)