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Justin Drew Bieber Is BETTER Than You Robert Matthew Van WINKLE!


Listen Up Vanilla Ice. (Ice Ice Baby Singer)

Justin is too Moral to follow in your Foot Prints. Just because your 15 Seconds of Fame ran out when you were 16 Doesnt mean Us Beliebers want to hear you Irrelevant Pathetic Predictions.

Sounds to me Like your Jealous because Justin made it past 16 with all of the Success hes had.

Wheres your movie?

Justin Drew Bieber Is BETTER Than You Robert Matthew Van WINKLE!


… Go rob a Bank!… broke ass….


“More Importantly, Why was someone Interviewing Vanilla Ice?”



Justin Bieber ATTACKED

I don’t know how Popular or Viral this story is yet but apparently some Dude attacked JUSTY!!!!


Perez Hilton and some other famous news sources have commented on the issue.


Woah! Not cool, dude!

While making an appearance at a New York City Macy’s to promote his new cologne, Justin Bieber was knocked to the ground by a man in the crowd!

Apparently, the pop sensation went outside to greet the fans who could not attend the event inside the department store and an unidentified man JUMPED a barrier, then knocked JBiebs to the ground!

The attacker was, thankfully, immediately grabbed by police and taken away. While Justin sustained no injuries, sources say he was still pretty shaken up.

What teenager wouldn’t be if a GROWN MAN attacked them? This guy must have some serious issues if he’s hanging outside of department stores waiting to attack teen idols!

From now on, this guy SHOULD NOT be allowed near any kids, especially famous ones!

Do U think Justin Bieber will press charges against this man?


Its really hard to see in these videos what actually happened….

My only Question Is….


Our Tiny Faced God gets Tackled to the damn Ground and No one does ANYTHING Cept’ the “Popo’s.” I love you Beliebers but I would have went Postal :-P


Justin Bieber's Tricks For Picking Up Chicks

Even though this girl is VERY Cheesy, she is FUNNY! :-P

No shes not a Biebian, but Good Job Youtuber: 

A Feisty Bieber (Twitter Argument)

Recently, ALL Of The Bieber SPACE’s Original pictures were Destroyed. LUCKILY, GOOGLE is a freakin’ Miracle Worker! So, thanks GOOGLE Images! :-D

Some of the Resolution is pretty bad so I helped translate at the bottom of each photo.


So this after noon on Twitter, some of us have noticed that Justy has been Arguing or going back and forth with an Unknown Individual.

The conversation started with the First Tweet:


So assuming Justin is talking to a New Recording artists or a “Wana Be.” Lets continue down the line:

The 1St is the TWEET That probably got everyone because he is calling someone else a rooki, considering Justin was in that position 2 years ago. Also, about 3-5 minutes later, Justin Deleted it….

But Justin is right, and you should know better than to Mess or tangle with The Biebs!!! ;-) I mean, thats just SUICIDE considering Justin has 9 MILLION + Beliebers on his side waiting on Standby! :-D

Then Justy decided he wasn’t going to give the Unknown individual the Satisfaction anymore, posting this next tweet.

(Pictures/Tweet(s) LOST And Unrecoverable ATM :-( )

I dont know about you Beliebers, But I REALLY Want to know who he was talking too LOL!

My bets are on Cody Simpson or some Trashy Get Rich Quick Wana Be Music Artist. But then again, it has to be someone worth talking to because Justin doesnt just WASTE Is breath on anyone... What do you think? Leave your Comments in the section Below! :-D


Thanks for Defending us JUSTY! WE LOVE YOU!!!