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Justin Bieber’s Adidas Neo Photoshoot

Justin_Neo_4Justin Bieber is featured in a new campaign for the Adidas NEO Summer 2013 collection.

Justin heats things up for his role in the Summer edition, looking sexy and confident in a variety of new fashionable apparel from the now trending outfitter.

Adidas NEO released a video with a behind the scenes look of his recent photoshoot! Check out the clip & gallery below!

Justin Bieber: “I’m 18 and I’m a Swaggy Adult” GQ Photo Shoot


Blazer $1,645, shirt, $345, and tie, $175 by Dolce & Gabbana. Tie bar by The Tie Bar.

Jacket, $2,925, shirt, $345, tie $195, and khakis, $325 by Dolce & Gabbana. Sneakers, $525 by Yves Saint Laurent. Sunglasses by Super.

Leather jacket, $5,270 by Balmain at mrporter.com. Jeans, $140 by Naked & Famous Denim. Sneakers, $125 by Supra.

Jacket, $1,815 (for suit) by Neil Barrett at Barneys New York. Shirt, $290 by Thom Browne New York. Tie, $120 by Band of Outsiders. Jeans, $1,330 by Balmain at Barneys New York. Sneakers, $615 by Louis Vuitton. Watch by Cartier.

Cardigan, $2,925 by Rag & Bone. Shirt, $245 by Bespoken. Tie, $250 by Neil Barrett. Jeans, $140 by Naked & Famous Denim. Sneakers, $575 by Yves Saint Laurent. Tie bar by The Tie Bar.

Read GQ’s coverage story on their difficult & interesting Interview with The Biebs! Click Here.



Behind The Scenes of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s Next 2 You

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown released their new music video together, but many have questions still left. So Justin has decided that he wanted to give back to fans. Thus he has released a behind the scenes video of his and Chris’ new music video.

Chris and Justin have become close friends, thus working together has been a goal for them. That goal finally came true with “Next 2 You”, their joint single that they worked on. The music video for it features an end of the world theme, but Justin and Chris enjoyed themselves in a fun song-even if the video is depressing.

I have to say that I do find the music video strange, but I think that those 2 must have had a lot of fun with it. I hope to see more of those 2 working together. They do make a dynamic duo, which makes for great music and a great music video. I am sure that their labels love all the publicity they get as well. So I am not sure why they took their time when it came to releasing the music video for the song. It would be nice if they provided a reason for it, but it is not critical so they can get by with it.



Someday In Stores At MACY’S In Lenox!


Everyone! Justin Bieber’s SOMEDAY Is at Macy’s RIGHT NOW In Lenox! Its unclear whether or not the fragrance is released anywhere else in the country, but if your in Lenox, GO GET IT!!!! :-D

Heres a Snap shot taken by Kenny Hamilton.



But wait, when and where’s the Fragrance’s launch? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to smell SOMEDAY! :-P