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Bieber Talks About His Upcoming Album

Some of you have probably already seen this, but it’s still Interesting :-P

So Dr. Bieber wants to keep us on our Toes ;-) I cant WAIT FOR HIS NEW UPCOMING ALBUM!

Of course I love all of his songs, but sometimes the Slow/Love songs can get VERY Annoying…

If Chris Brown and Will I. Am are making an appearance, then that means more Fast paced/Hip-Hop and Rap songs!

I love Down To Earth, and One Less Lonely Girl, but we need some more “Up Tempo,” Songs like LOVE ME and Somebody to love!!! :-D Agree or Disagree?


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Justin Bieber- SOMEDAY Ice Cream Sundae


When Harrods launched Justin Bieber’s “Someday” perfume last week, they decided to accompany it with a ice cream sundae that “mimics” the fragrance notes in the perfume. It costs £19.95, which is equivalent to about $32 bucks. For an ice cream. Meant to kind of taste like perfume.

But the price that we originally balked at is for a good cause: All of the proceeds from the sale will go toward the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. If you’re wondering what makes up a “Bieber Bocker Glory,” sundae, it’s a mix of wild berry, vanilla ice cream, and fresh pear, and gets weird with lavender sprinkles and edible glitter.

The sundae will be on sale at Harrods’ Ice Cream Parlour throughout August, while Someday is exclusive to Harrods in the U.K. for the month of August, and will launch nationwide from Sept 10.

OMB… That.. Is. AWESOME!!! :-D To eat a wonderful smelling fragrance that just Melts in your mouth is the Doing of the “Bieber,” Himself!

Sounds like its a Foreign concept…


If us Beliebers can’t eat him, damn let us at least have a glimpse with this! ;-)

Gomez Is Not Going Anywhere…

These shots were taken place at the TCA’s Sunday Night. Looks like “Little Miss Tootsie Roll,” Aint’ going NOWHERE!!!…. :-(

Yesterday I wrote an Article expressing how I think that Justin and Selena could have Broken Up after reading an Alleged Rumor. Turns out it was all “BS,” and Once again, just another Rumor. I know we were all hoping that Our Man Justin would soon be as Free as the American Government. But Its just another day where “Jelena,” Still Exists… :-(

Teen Choice Awards: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Dominate‎

Selena Gomez nabbed five surfboards at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, one more than Justin Bieber.


Selena Gomez was named choice TV actress, female hottie and music group with her band The Scene. Gomez and her ensemble were also awarded the choice single trophy for “Who Says” and love song for “Love You Like a Love Song,” which she performed at the fan-voted ceremony.

“This is for all of you guys,” Gomez told the screeching crowd. “This isn’t mine.”


Bieber, picked up four awards as choice male music artist, male hottie, twit and TV villain for his “CSI” guest starring role.



Okay, SERIOUSLY???… That makes me Upset that She won more Awards than Justy.. But then again, it is

“The Teen Choice Awards,” and not the “AMA’s….”