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Bodyguards Are Protecting Justin Bieber’s Hair

The singer cut his hair off to help raise money for charity.

Justin Bieber is so famous, that even his hair needs to have bodyguards – literally.

According to TMZ, the hair that Bieber recently cut off to donate to a charity auction is sitting inside of a glass case being guarded by two bodyguards.

The hair, which was sold for more than $40,000 during a charity auction on eBay, is currently on display at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami. Fans of the teenage heartthrob can actually pose with the locks if they donate money for the tsunami relief effort in Japan.

Apparently, fans have been lining up for hours to take full advantage of this opportunity.

However, before the hair is given to its rightful owner (the winner of the auction), it reportedly has to make some more special appearances around the country.


Justin Bieber’s hair raising money for Japan

Justin Bieber’s hair is raising money for the Japan tsunami relief. Just the hair, not Bieber, will be making an appearance in Miami for photo opportunities, if you’re willing to pay.

That’s right Justin Bieber’s famous hair, which he cut last month, will be on display at Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge in Miami Beach. Fans who would like to pay for a photo with Justin’s hair will be charged a fee before gaining access to the coveted Bieber hair.

It sounds crazy, right? However, as silly as this may sound, the money is actually going to a good cause. All of the proceeds are reportedly being donated to the Japanese tsunami disaster relief fund.

Many people, especially teenagers, will do anything to have a little piece of their favorite celebrity. So “Beliebers” in the Miami area should definitely check this out. Grab a few of your best friends, play your Justin Bieber CD on the drive over, and donate to a very important cause. You’ll not only have a blast, but you’ll have an awesome memory to carry with you always.