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Justin Bieber Performing In Dublin, Ireland (Feb 2013)

 Justin’s back at it, tearin’ up the stage in Dublin (Feb 17th)!

Check out the crazy footage below!





Die In Your Arms, All Around The World, & As Long As You Love Me!


Hey Beliebers! So this is the last single to be released until BELIEVE’s appearance next week!

So let’s take a poll! Which song do you guy’s like better? :-D

Die In Your Arms slowed it down. It was cute, but then All Around The World kicked it full blast & rocked our speakers until As Long As You Love Me dropped!

[polldaddy poll=6305530]


Bieber In Italy! (June 2012)


Justin Bieber at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport — Leaving France!

Justin poses with fans at the airport before flying to Milan in Paris, France on June 2, 2012.

 Justin Bieber’s Stage at Alcatraz, Milan-Italy!

Beliebers waiting at the Alcatraz building in Milan for the BELIEVE mini concert.

Justin answering question from Italian beliebers on stage in Milan.

Justin Bieber Singing Acoustic “As Long As You Love Me” & “All Around the World”