Will Smith Will Always Be There For Justin Bieber

The SmithsIn an interview recently with Extratv, when asked about The Biebs — The Smiths admitted that Justin always has a safe home with them. The Smith’s are such talented & warm hearted people, It’s sweet that they’re so supportive of Justin.

Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey at German Animal Shelter

Held at the Munich-Riem animal shelter, the capuchin was shown with some orange headphones and a picture of his former master.

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According to the shelter’s website, “Mally is the cutest 14-week-old monkey who, since Holy Thursday evening, has lived in the custody of a Munich shelter. The baby animal was confiscated by customs officers at Munich airport because its owner, the 19-year-old Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, could not provide the necessary animal disease or species protection legal documents.

As the singer continues his tour following his Munich concert, little Mally is finally getting a well-earned rest. The little capuchin monkey is appropriately provided for, has veterinary care and also a big stuffed animal that it snuggles up to, as well as an active keeper as constant caregiver who cares for the animal and offers bodily contact.”

Hoping to shame the Biebs into complying with the law, the post adds that Mally was a gift for his 19th birthday and that he has four weeks to turn in the required documentation before Mally is turned over to a “good nursing ward.”

Hopefully Justin will turn in the appropriate documents to regain custody of Little Mally. :-D

Justin Bieber’s ‘Biggest Year Yet’ Teen Vogue’s Cover Story Interview

The colossal world tour, his fifth number one album, and all that swag! Justin opens up on dealing with drama and staying grounded in an interview by Dana Mathews for the May issue of Teen Vogue. On stands by April 16. Cover shoot photos  by Boo George

“It’s a Canada goose!”

I am sitting next to Justin Bieber in his hotel room in New York City. He pulls out a mint black iPhone 5 from his pocket, and after seeing my surprised look, he excitedly explains its lock screen.  it’s a simple illustration of the bird that reminds him of his humble beginnings in Stratford, Ontario. Despite the superstar bling, Justin is surprisingly low-key. He doesn’t have a personal assistant doting on him. For his Teen Vogue cover shoot, there was no rider and only one request: 50 Cent’s Vitaminwater, Formula 50 (“the purple one”).

Justin on internet fame:

“My Twitter is really nice. I have so many fans that I rarely ever see a nasty tweet. I don’t read YouTube comments because those can get you sad.”

Justin on who he counts as friends:

“My dad, my mom, Ryan [Good]. Ryan and Chaz [his friends from home]. [Lil] Twist is my best friend. They don’t see me as Justin Bieber, but just see me as Justin.”

Justin on his song “Yellow Raincoat”:

“It started as a warm-up guitar riff—it’s got that Tracy Chapman meets Eric Clapton vibe. When I heard it I thought it was brilliant. In the studio, I said something that sounded like ‘raincoat,’ and I liked it. I was thinking of what I was going through. The raincoat is a metaphor for putting up a wall, not letting anyone affect what I do, because I know who I am and what type of person I am. It doesn’t matter what they say, I’ve got this yellow raincoat covering me.”

Justin on his inner circle:

“I get good vibes from people all the time, and I probably could get along with them and be their friend, but now I just don’t trust anybody. Literally, my phone never rings. I only have, like, four people that I keep in contact with. I don’t need a bunch of friends to make me happy. I just need the people close to me that I love, that’s all.”

Justin on striving to be the best:
“When people get to where they want, they’re like, ‘I’m here, I got it.’ When I get to the top, I just want to get better.”

Justin on his concerts:

“I wanted to do something different, and something people would remember. I just want everybody to have a good time no matter what their age.”

Justin on his spiritual side:

“I think that’s part of the reason I’m here. Not just because I’m talented, but because God had a purpose for me to just help people. I’m spiritual … although I slept in [and missed] church yesterday. I haven’t been to church in so long, and I planned on going, and I slept in. I was upset. It’s all good. God forgives me.”

SourceTeen Vogue