Justin’s Swaggy Tattoo

Justin Bieber got to try his hand at tattooing someone else recently.

While at a Lower East Side tattoo parlor in New York City, Justin turned the tables on legendary tattoo artist Bang Bang, who did his own “Believe” tatt.

Photos of the encounter show The Biebs carefully drawing away with the tattoo machine on the artist’s bare leg.

As for his choice of design, the Biebs inked a muscular mouse (his cartoon persona) with the word “swaggy” next to it. Though the professional claimed that Justin was a “natural,” fans are no doubt hoping he sticks to his day job.

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Is Justin Bieber Bringing Back The Hair Flip?

Justin was seen today sporting a new hairstyle, greeting fans in Germany on Friday April 5th.

Is Justin reviving the hair flip?

What do you Beliebers think? ;-)