Hotels Here Braced For Chaos As Bieber Jets In

THERE’S just one day left before Justin Bieber (17) makes his Irish debut on the stage of the O2 arena.

And the Herald can reveal how the Gibson Hotel in the Point Village is bracing itself for a siege of die-hard Beliebers after speculation that he could stay there.

Given that Harry Crosbie’s new hotel is situated right beside the music arena, it was the obvious choice for the Canadian superstar when it comes to hotel choices.

However, promoters are now expected to book the Baby star into one of the southside hotels amid security concerns for the teenager.

“They’re determined to give the paparazzi the slip when it comes to his choice of hotel,” said a source.

“They know he’s going to be plagued, not just by photographers, but also by his fans so they really want to keep his hotel top secret.

“There’s speculation today that British photographers could even be flying in to try and snap him while he’s in Dublin as they know it’s generally easier to get access to the stars.

“So everyone is determined that there will be no leaks about his whereabouts before he comes to Ireland.”


He added: “His fans will be camped outside the O2 from early on Tuesday anyway and if there’s any inkling about where Justin will be staying, they’ll be there in a flash. They’re all dying to find out where he’s going to be.”

While some of his My World concert tour and sizeable entourage could be booked into the Gibson Hotel for convenience reasons, Justin is expected to stay elsewhere.

He’ll be joined here by his mentor, Men In Black star Will Smith, who’s coming here with wife Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow (above), who is the support act for Justin tomorrow night.

The 10-year-old has revealed her excitement at coming to Ireland for the first time.

“I am going to Dublin, to ROCK THE BEAT!!!! Are you ready for the rockin’ show,” she told fans.

The last time her dad Will was in Dublin, he booked in to the luxurious Merrion Hotel, with speculation that he could stay there again.

Multi-millionaire teenager Justin is said to be super-excited about finally bringing his tour to Ireland. He wowed fans with his two dates playing in Birmingham over the weekend, and Dublin is next on his schedule.

Speaking previously about his fondness for the Emerald Isle, he said: “I really want to go to Ireland and do a tour and tell my fans there that they’re incredible.

“I know I wouldn’t have this life now if it wasn’t for the fans. I put my music up on YouTube, but I never thought this was going to happen and it’s all down to them.”

He recently broke the hearts of his female fans after publicly stepping out with Disney beauty Selena Gomez for the first time at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

They had been secretly dating for a number of weeks but had kept it under wraps until then. Speaking about the romance for the first time, he said: “‘She’s hot. Of course every guy likes the girl to be hot, which Selena is.”

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Esperanza Spalding plays nice about Justin Bieber on ‘The Early Show’

Nearly one month after Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber for Best New Artist in one of the biggest shockers in Grammy history, the jazz musician is continuing to say pretty much all of the right things.

Appearing on “The Early Show” Monday, Spalding explained what her experience was lik meeting the 17-year old “Baby” singer backstage after the award was announced:

“He was very gracious, and we met right after the show and exchanged hair touches. He was very sweet and gracious and he didn’t seem upset. Very kind young man.”

As for her own recognition, Spalding claimed in many ways that the honor still hasn’t entire sunk in even after all this time:

“For a split second, I thought maybe he was kidding. I thought it was a joke. I was just totally shocked. Nobody really expected that. We were, like ‘What?’ And then, excited, of course.”


Justin Bieber’s Dublin Hotel Removed Alcohol at His Request?

Justin Bieber may have just had a birthday, but he’s still got a ways to go before he turns 21. And Justin is obeying by the laws when it comes to consuming alcohol even when he’s overseas… in Dublin!


Justin is still only 17 years old and it doesn’t seem like he has a problem with that.

According to Hollywire (via OMG! Music), Justin reportedly had all alcoholic drinks removed from the mini-bar of his Dublin hotel.

Justin kicked off his new tour and just recently arrived in Dublin.


He reportedly asked that “all alcohol to be removed and the minibar to remain locked at all times.”

Sounds like he’s trying to be a good role model to his fans!

“He’s very strict about having alcohol anywhere near him,” a source explained. “Justin thinks even having it in the room sends out the wrong signal to fans.”

But that won’t stop Justin from having a fun time in Dublin. He recently Tweeted, “relaxin in Dublin…” followed by “Irish Fans are no joke. #muchlove.”

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Justin Bieber To Grow A Mustache

We all know how much Justin Bieber loves to rock a fake mustache, but now the 17-year-old wants to grow a real one! I think he’ll look better with a like a 5′ O Clock Shadow or something but a Mustache?…

“I’m not shaving for a month so you all can see my moustache,” he wrote on his Twitter page. “I’m pumped.”

What do you think? Yes? or a No go?

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