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Justin Bieber Performs in Italy (March 23, 2013)

Justin Bieber performs at Unipol during his Believe tour in Bologna, Italy. The concert’s tickets were already sold out days before the event. Bieber was the usual crooner, with many of his greatest hits including Baby and Boyfriend, which he left for the last part of the night. The evening started with a 40-minute delay but lasted for more than one hour and a half.



Selena Gomez Addresses Her Break Up With Justin Bieber On ‘David Letterman’

This is the first interview where Selena has confirmed and addressed her break up with Justin Bieber.

David Letterman told Gomez during the interview, that he was having a discussion with Justin the last time he saw him, and that he made Justin cry. Selena responded with “Well then, that makes Two of us.”

Selena’s remark had pissed a lot of Beliebers off. Check out the interview below!





(Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber)

David Letterman – “Spring Breakers” Star, Selena Gomez- FULL INTERVIEW

‘That Power’ – Ft. Justin Bieber has premiered his brand new single ‘#ThatPower‘ featuring Justin Bieber on Capital FM.

Speaking about the song, said: “It’s up-tempo, it’s Friday. I’m proud of the collaboration. Hopefully the people listening can guess who it is.”

The up-tempo track will be taken from the singer’s forthcoming new studio album ‘Will Power’ – which is set to be released next month.

Speaking about how he recorded the song, said: “We recorded that during the BRITs [and] recording that at Metropolis.”

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“So actually we went shopping first and we were like ‘hey, lets just have a chilled day’ and we went shopping for shoes, then after that we went to the studio, watched the BRITs, recorded that and then trucked off to see Justin Timberlake perform.

Meanwhile, Will recently came to the defence of the teen following his recent stay in London – which involved an altercation with paparazzi.

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The rapper said that the paparazzi can be “the most disrespectful” people in the industry and praised the support network Justin has behind him.

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Olivia Wilde’s Twitter Feud With Beliebers (Jay Leno Interview)

Last week, the Cowboys & Aliens actress Olive Wilde sent out a bossy tweet to Justin telling him to put on a fucking shirt, which Beliebers might have taken out of context.

Olivia was given the opportunity to explain herself & the feud on Jay Leno last night, check out the interview below!

I love the first tweet lol, “Are you a lesbian, or just too old?” She clearly didn’t understand the tweet. Meaning, is she too old to look, because nobody wants Justin Bieber to keep his shirt on, unless you’re his mother.