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Justin Bieber Comes Out… Of The Restroom

When you’re as famous as Justin Bieber, you can’t even go to the bathroom without it making the news … literally. The teen phenom was actually recorded simply walking out of a restroom in Cannes, France following a performance at the NRJ Music Awards.


While Bieber was doing his business, a huge crowd formed outside of the bathroom, making his needs an event in themselves. Can you imagine all that pressure just when you’re trying to pee? One of the subjects speaking in the video agreed. “I would be embarrassed,” the man said. “Imagine, you come out of the bathroom and have 100 people waiting for you! I mean, I would be scared.” The gentleman’s guest concurred. “It’s awful! Poor man!” … but there they remained, waiting for Bieber to emerge. If they felt so bad, wouldn’t they leave him to his business?

Fans swarmed with cameras and cellphones, even cheering on another man who exited the toilet before Bieber did. It’s hard to see just how big the crowd is until the Biebs makes his grand exit — the camera pans out at the throngs of people just hoping to catch a glimpse of the star walking down a hallway to make his final exit.

The subject of the video is particularly hilarious towards the end. Obviously joking (we hope), he tells the camera, “Let’s go see the toilet where Justin Bieber had a pee.”

While the Biebs is almost as well known for adoring his fans as he is for his hit songs, this is all a bit much. Here’s hoping he never forgets to flush.

Watch Justin Bieber Come Out of the Bathroom… lol

What The Prince Has To Say To The King… (MJ Hand & Footprint Ceremony)

Michael Jackson the man wasn’t invincible. But his legacy is now solid as a rock.

The late pop icon’s children imprinted some of their father’s most famous accessories—his sparkly glove and shiny black shoes—in the cement in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre today on Hollywood Boulevard.

Mom Katherine Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Chris Tucker and Justin Bieber were in attendance at the ceremony, which also featured a performance by the cast of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.

“It’s a very good celebration and I know if Michael was here he would agree, to see all the friends and loved ones and especially his fans here to celebrate this with him,” Katherine Jackson told the assembled crowd.

In addition to Jackson, Grauman’s contains hand, shoe and object-prints belonging to luminaries ranging from Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint to Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart.

“Just left the Michael Jackson ceremony…i dont get nervous usually but i was really nervous. to be with his family. he was the greatest!” Bieber tweeted afterward.

“Make it trend. all of us should give him the tribute he deserved. To THE KING OF POP. Michael thank you. #MJ FOREVER -”


BTW, His New Hair Style Is F*ckin SEXY!!!

Haha hes all nervous xD Hes too damn cute :-D

What the Prince has to say to the King… We love you both.


Justin Bieber: Forever – Lyrics Video (Unreleased Song 2009)

Took 2 days to create this video, Hope you guys like it! This song kind of grew on me, it’s such a good song.
This is our FIRST Ever Official Lyric Video, so be sure to let us know on what you think about our videos!

And maybe soon, we’ll create some more :-D


Click Image For Full Size Wallpaper!

Forever is an Unreleased Track from 2009. Forever was Leaked while a Newer Version of the Track was being Remade. (In 2011)

We recently made a Lyric Video to this song, but UMG  Records claimed copyright ownership to the Audio Track and Youtube was Obligated to Block the Video Worldwide.

We since then Re-uploaded the Lyric Video with the Newer Version of the song

So here is the New 2011 Remade Version of FOREVER!

Justin Bieber To Appear At CES 2012!

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Justin Bieber seems to be everywhere, now including one of the world’s biggest yearly technology exhibits. Bieber will appear at the 2012 International CES that runs in Las Vegas from Jan 10-13 to Introduce a New Vietnamese Robot.

For those of you who dont know what CES is, its “The Consumer Electronic Show!” iJustine, will be hosting 5 hours of LIVE Coverage on SPIKE TV!

For those of you who don’t know who iJustine is, shes a very Popular Youtuber. She was recently on The Vampire Diary’s this week, shes been on Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds and has Hosted SEVERAL Live TV Specials.

And of Course iJustine Hosted Justin Bieber’s NEVER SAY NEVER Purple Carpet Premier!!!

So YES! iJustine & Justin Bieber together Once Again!!!…. iJustine & Justin… It Fits…
Justin should be with iJustine, she’s a HUGE Belieber, has established her OWN Career, shes such a sweet heart and an Amazing Person!

Agree or Disagree? Vote in the POLL Below! :-D

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