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It’s Kingsley Bitch: OVEREXPOSED 2012 [No. 4] – JELENA BREAK UP

Justin & Selena’s “Alleged” Break Up was everywhere, and people lost their damn minds.

Over Christmas break, Kingsley did his usual End-Of-The-Year Holiday OVEREXPOSED of all the Bullshit we’ve endured in 2012. And of course, Jelena’s break up made it in the top 10, coming in at Number 4.


Dirty Bieber Secrets Shut Down.


Dirty Bieber Secrets Has Been Shut Down For Over A Year Now.

We’ve finally deleted all “Dirty Bieber Secret” photos & articles from our site. Collaborating with the owner of DBS was the biggest mistake we ever made…

The owner of DBS “Ash” & I agreed to help each other’s sites out, which didn’t end well.

You can find her Official Twitter Account HERE. Her nasty ass is probably somewhere on Tumblr creepin’.