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Justin Fights With Paparazzi

Justin flanked by bodyguards — was leaving a Central London hotel and in the mad scramble to his SUV, he made contact with a waiting pap.

The pap clearly upset by the physical contact — immediately claimed he was assaulted and began to cuss out Bieber, who was already inside the waiting SUV.

But Justin clearly heard the pap’s insults such as “fuck off back to America,” and “fucking little moron.” Justin opened his SUV door and sprung out of the car, trying to attack the pap.

While Justin’s bodyguard held him back, Justin yelled “What the fuck you say?”

The pap shot back — “You heard what I said , you heard what I fucking said, mate.”

Justin replied, “I’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you.”

Justin tried to swing at the pap, but his bodyguards kept Justin at bay and eventually pushed him back inside the SUV.

The car left the scene without further incident.

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Justin’s Mom & Flo Rida On Bieber’s “Grammy Snub”

No surprise, Justin Bieber‘s mom Pattie Mallette is the singer’s biggest fan.

So, of course, the loving mother couldn’t help but slam the Recording Academy when asked about her son’s much-buzzed-about Grammy snub.

“I think they blew it,” the Justin’s mama said with a smile in an interview with Fuse News. “It’s my boy, I’m a little biased, but yeah, I just heard that he’s had five No.1 albums, so I think his music is speaking for it’s self.”

Although, Pattie believes it only makes Justin Bieber work harder:

“I think it’s kind of good in a way,” she admitted. “It gives him something to strive for and a goal to go for.”

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Someone else who agrees with Pattie’s opinion, Grammy nominee Flo Rida, who’s nominated for best Rap/Sung collaboration for his hit single “Wild Ones” featuring Sia.

Although the rap star stayed mum when the topic of Grammy snubs came up at OK! magazine’s pre-Grammy party, he immediately had an opinion when Bieber’s name was added to the mix.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” the hit maker said. “You definitely reminded me of that. I think he definitely should have been nominated.”

Lolly – Maejor Ali Ft. Justin Bieber & Juicy J

Bei Maejor has changed his stage name & brand, and this song is the introduction to his new persona. Because of the song’s Sexual/Adult innuendo, Beliebers & radio personalities had high hopes for The Bieb’s featured rap verse. Looks like Shawty Mane is still trying to keep his music age appropriate, along with crushing the hopes of the older demographic of his Beliebers.

Let’s be honest, we want to hear Justin singing about his D*ck, P*ussy, Money & Hoes lol. Justin needs dig down and pull out his inner thug, we all know it’s there. ;-)

So what did you guys think of the new track? Was it worth the hype, annoying and weird? Sound off in the comments below!

Maejor Ali and his team aren’t officially releasing the track. They first uploaded the song to SoundCloud, which failed. Then they uploaded the track to another music file sharing source, and that soon failed as well. The unauthorized track is listed below, give it a listen!

The MP3 Player Is Not Mobile Optimized.

Justin Bieber’s Ass Flash!

Justin revealed another personal part of his body, and of course Beliebers went ape sh*t when a picture of his ass crack popped up on Instagram this week.

The photo doesn’t really show the whole thing though, so it’s not really worth the hype. Next time, Justin should bare his whole front side ;-)