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Who Is Jerry?


Who Is Jerry‘ is currently trending on twitter. Capital FM ( a UK radio station ) asked a Belieber over Twitter —



Justin is obviously familiar with term Beliebers came up with for his Penis — “The BieberConda” ;-) So earlier this month, he decided to give his Dick another name lol.




No one on the front line of Justin’s team is called Jerry, so Belieber, being the nasty & crazy bitches that we are, claimed that name.

Jerry does sound a lot better than “BieberConda” tho.

What do you Beliebers think? :-D

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Justin’s “Really Big Dick” Tweet

Justin’s “Really Big Dick” Tweet

Yes Justin, we all knew this ;-)

Justin sent out a brief tweet on April 8Th 2012, about his Big Dick, which was deleted shortly after.

I just think it’s funny that he’s familiar with The Bieber Conda term lol :-D

I hope he knows that he just gave the world a massive orgy..



Justin Bieber Naked? (2012)

So this picture is allegedly Real. I really don’t feel like getting Raped in Jail for Child Pornography, so I took the liberty of Censoring the image.

Justin is left handed, but this guy is using his Right hand.

Some guys get the same bird tattoo that Justin has, in the same spot. What do you think? REAL or Fake? Of course I’m skeptical considering Justin’s tattoos aren’t hard to mimic.

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