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Bieber Vacay!

So A lot of you have already seen these photos.

The whole “Henna Or Tattoo” thing. BTW Justin’s spelling totally FAILED. But thats okay because when your Justy, your aloud to spell and punctuate how ever you want! :-D

“Is it Henna Or Tatoo? hmmmmmmm”

And I dont really like that picture above…. Im sure a lot of you Beliebers can agree also…. WHY SELENA? A lot of people just think shes an attention whore and is just trying to further her career by Dating Bieber. I mean, It would make sense considering She is/Was Disney.

Here are some tweets I thought were funny regarding this picture, take a look!

I agree with ChasinggWind [The Last One].

And its funny because the Older Justin gets, the more he reminds me of Big Bieber :-D (Jeremy Bieber)


Im sorry, but Justins hand is all up in her ass…..  Thats a little distracting…. Wheres pattie???!!! And let me just throw this out there, isnt fornication a Sin? Lol

A Pissed off Bieber?


Some people are saying that Someone dropped what ever it was that hit the ground. Others say and it clearly looks like Bieber knocked down something.

What do you think?