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Justin Bieber Questioned About Cheating on Selena Gomez (Video)

Rumors about Justin Bieber’s latest alleged cheating scandal seem to be spreading fast. So fast in fact that on January 21, he was asked to his face by a particularly obnoxious–er–curious paparazzi if he was indeed cheating on Selena Gomez. This impromptu interrogation occurred at Los Angeles International Airport as the Biebs was on his way to join Selena in Puerto Rico on the first leg of her South American tour. Poor JB. As if appearing in public dressed like a cartoonish buffoon wasn’t punishment enough, he had to endure impertinent personal questions from prying paps. No wonder he was covering his face with his hands.

Nothing in life is free–nothing good anyway. And part of the price Justin Bieber pays for his phenomenal success is that he lives in the eye of a storm of speculation about every aspect of his existence. The most recent rumor has it that the Teen Dream has been “cheating” with a temporary girlfriend as a substitute for his lady-love Selena Gomez, who has, for some reason, lost interest in sex.
JB’s new squeeze will reportedly serve as a casual sex partner until La Gomez works through her issues. Oddly, or perhaps conveniently, the alleged substitute gal pal’s name remains unknown–except that it begins with an “A”–maybe Annie.

Be all that as it may, the burning question is: What was Justin Bieber’s response to the paparazzi’s twice repeated question about his alleged cheatin’ heart? The answer is: none. The “Never Say Never” guy said…nothing. He kept his face covered, his feet moving, and his mouth closed.

And who can blame him? If he had calmly denied the rumors, it would not have put a stop to them. And if he’d reacted in anger, he would have been vilified the next day for his diva-like behavior. On the other hand, some websites will no doubt construe his running away as a sign of guilt. Poor Biebs. The kid can’t win.

You can watch Justin Bieber’s encounter with inquisitive paparazzi on the video below.

How do you think he should have handled the situation?

Justin Bieber Pulled Over Multiple Times In Tricked out “Batmobile”

This is an Older story that we have not covered, but we feel like we should.

Justin Bieber has been pulled over by the LAPD after cops say he performed an illegal maneuver in his tricked out “Batmobile” ride…

Cops say, Bieber made an “unsafe left turn” at an L.A. intersection.

But fear not Bieberettes … Justin was let off with a warning after he promised to be more careful in the future.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has been stopped by cops while driving the customized Cadillac. He was pulled over back in October after cutting off a CHP officer. He got a warning that time, too.

Looks like Mr. Bieber is getting lucky :-)

Bieber Is Drinking Beer Now?

So much for clearing the Alcohol Beverages from Bieber’s Hotel Room. Looks like Justin is enjoying a “Pacifico,” Mexican Beer, aside from a nice view off Gomez’s ass.

We recently posted this picture, not noticing the Beer Can next to Justin.

The Legal Drinking age in Mexico is 18. Gomez is 19 and Bieber is 17, so is it Her Beer or His?

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