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Justin’s Closet! #1


Justin was on the set of his new music video Boyfriend in LA wearing a Band of Outsiders Varsity Jacket which is priced at $1,620.

Buy it here.

Justin arrived at Heathrow airport in London (April 23) wearing a Pink Dolphin Rare Individual Hoodie. It is sold out but you can buy it on Craigslist. Also he is wearing a Yellow Neff Summatime Mens Trucker hat. It also is unavailable but the black is available.




Justin Bieber Almost Runs Over A Paparazzi


X17online, being the stalkers they are, Justin almost took out one of their Paparazzi yesterday, Wednesday, April 18, 2012, with his miniature ‘smart’ car, in Beverly Hills.

We all know how much Justin hates the Paps, and thats what makes this video that much better!


I love how he swerves out of the way to try to hit him aha! Crazy bitch ♥ ;-)



Justin Bieber & ‘F*ck’ T-Shirts


Late last year, Justin sported a bright blue Cee Lo Green Tee with “F*ck you, And F*ck Her Too” captioned on it.

Recently, Justin wore a grey T-Shirt with the word “Fuck” on it and honestly, who cares? Why does it matter? Justin is NOT a Disney star, never was. He is a grown ass man now and can say & wear what ever the hell he damn well pleases. :-D

Justin has a lot of young fans, yes. But again, he’s not a Disney star and he doesn’t have to cater to a specific age group.

If parents raise their children right, it doesn’t matter what celebrities do.


Sites like Hollywood Life, Examiner, & The Daily Meal are making fools of themselves and are of course making a big deal about it.


Hollywood Life reported:

“Was the pop star being silly or sending a message to his fans? Find out what our expert says below!”

 Lol seriously? It’s a freaking T-Shirt….. must be a slow news day or something… ;-)


I think next time, Justin should wear a T-Shirt that says
“F*ck The Paparazzi” :-D

Considering how much he hates them lol.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Enjoy Picnic In The Park

Jelena decided to have a low-key date in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park recently.

These poor children can’t get privacy anywhere lol..


Justin Bieber continues to prove he is the best “Boyfriend” around. The Biebs treated his girlfriend to a romantic picnic in the park.

The teen superstars decided to go for a nice & quiet date, picking up Subway sandwiches and cuddling on a secluded hill in Los Angeles at Griffith Park…. Until Paparazzi showed up lol.