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Justin’s Closet #6


Let’s flashback to when Justin was filming One Time and take a look at the Hoodie that we grew to know him in. He wore an American Apparel Unisex “Salt and Pepper” Zip Hoodie in Peppered Grey.

You can become the owner of the same one right here for $50.


Scooter Braun posted a picture on instagram of himself, Justin and Jaden Smith in Miami, FL. Justin was wearing a Ten Eleven Archangel Micheal (W.A.F.D.) Tee. You can buy it for $70.

Buy it here.


Justin posted a picture on instagram of himself, Lil Twist and Homer Simpson wearing a HUF Classic H Buffalo Check Snapback Navy. You can buy it for $32.

Buy it here.



Justin Bieber’s Ass Flash!

Justin revealed another personal part of his body, and of course Beliebers went ape sh*t when a picture of his ass crack popped up on Instagram this week.

The photo doesn’t really show the whole thing though, so it’s not really worth the hype. Next time, Justin should bare his whole front side ;-)

Justin Bieber Likes Uggs!

For years, Justin has always said that he thinks Uggs are so ugly & its awful when girls wear them. Now, Justin finally fell in love with a pair and understands the hype now.

Justin posted the following photos on Instagram, quote —

After all this time of hating on uggs I put on a pair of ugg house shoes and my mind is blown so comfortable I’m sorry ladies for doubting u

Justin’s new found love for Uggs sparked a World Wide trending topic on Twitter that had lasted a few hours. And the record still stands, Justin & Beliebers can Bieberblast Anything!


PAC The Hamster


Say hello to PAC The Hamster — Justin’s new pet! Last year, Justin carried around a gnarly Boa Constrictor named Johnson, before donating him to a local Zoo in Minnesota.

PAC looks pretty cute ;)





This is PAC the hamster my new believe tour pet. I will bring him to every meet n greet