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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – Director’s Cut DVD In Stores August 23, 2011




Own the Inspirational Story of Justin’s Journey on Two-Disc DVD with Digital Copy
Exclusively at Target August 23, 2011, Loaded with Over an Hour of Never-Before-Seen Special Features and Encased in a Keepsake Box with an EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition Never Say Never Necklace.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Delivering even more of what fans want, the new Director’s Fan Cut of the #1 concert-themed film in U.S. history, JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never, arrives exclusively at Target in a feature-laden two-disc DVD with digital copy on August 23, 2011 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Previously available exclusively in theaters for only one week, director Jon M. Chu’s extended version was created with fans in mind and includes 34 minutes of footage not seen in the original theatrical film. This new experience highlights more of Justin’s friends and hometown life, new songs, more performances of “Baby” and fan reactions from the initial theatrical showings. The awe-inspiring story of Justin’s rise to super-stardom is told through personal home videos, behind-the-scenes interviews and spectacular footage of his performances, including the sold-out show at the famed Madison Square Garden.

The JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut two-disc DVD comes in a stunning collectible keepsake box presented in Justin’s signature purple and includes an exclusive, limited edition Justin Bieber: Never Say Never necklace. The DVD also boasts a wealth of never-before-seen bonus material including intimate footage of Justin throughout the day before his Madison Square Garden performance, more footage of “less lonely girls”, a peek into daily life on tour, a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into creating the My World Tour, footage of the sound check parties held prior to each concert, a closer look at a special trio of fans, a discussion with director Jon M. Chu and more.

JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut DVD

Disc One of the JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut two-disc DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround, Spanish 5.1 Surround and English Audio Description and English, French and Spanish subtitles. Disc Two is presented in English 2.0 Stereo with English, French and Spanish subtitles (no subtitles on the digital copy). The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:
JUSTIN BIEBER: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut

Disc Two:
Evolution Of A Tour: A behind-the-scenes look at the tremendous effort that went into mounting Justin Bieber’s My World Tour including footage of the rehearsals, dance training and more.

Day Of The Concert: Follow Justin as he prepares for the biggest concert of his career.
More Less Lonely Girls: Justin sings to lucky fans across the country.
Life On The Road: Hang out with Justin in this unique peek at what his life is like on a daily basis.
Sound Check Parties: An all-access look at the exclusive pre-show parties.
The Dougie: A montage of Justin and Team Bieber doing their best Dougie-dances.
The Rocket Ship Girls: A closer look at some of Justin’s biggest fans.
Can You Sing “Baby”?: Justin performs “Baby” for his golden ticket-winning fans.
White Chocolate Interview: Justin hangs out with his friends.
The Director: Jon M. Chu discusses his process in bringing Justin’s life to the big screen.
Digital Copy

 OMB I AM SO PUMPPPED!!! :-D I so cannot wait to buy this!!! The First film that we all have at home doesn’t have a whole lot of Extra Features so I am glad that they are actually Shoving ALL Of this stuff into this One Pack! Now lets hope they live up to their word and not let us Beliebers down :-P

Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber – Ladies Love Me

I always thought Justin’s Rapping was Atrocious and Horrible but this is Actually really NICE! :-D

Nice beat, not to crazy, it flows, Good Job Justy! You might actually do okay while making more Mix Rap Tapes ;-) Can’t wait for this upcoming album! Not worried a bit :-D

F*ck You, And F*ck Her Too! (T-Shirt)

OMB Look At His Face!!!

Okay, Its a F**kin’ T-Shit, and hes 17 so you’ll get Over It.

Justin Bieber doesn’t need to be a role model. He is becoming a Grown Ass Man and an Adult so if he has 12 year old fans, that is NOT Justin’s fault. Blame the Parents ;-)

Love The Shirt Justy!!!

 Gawd he looks so Sexy! :-D




I’m questioning myself as of to why I haven’t posted this Video a couple days ago considering I am a HUGE RWJ =3 Fan! :-D


As of a lot of you know, Ray reviews Viral Videos on the Internet. So there is a video of a Pathetic Dude crying over Justin Bieber, Yelling at the Bieber Haters to Leave Justin Alone. Now, nothing personal against the dude because I am a Male Belieber, but all this kid really did was just make an ass out of himself Lol.

At least Ray Admits The Truth!!! Aren’t We ALL Jealous Of Justy? :-P

Heres the Uncut raw footage of the “Leave Justin Bieber Alone,” Video. The video contains very strong language and I advise you to Not take this guy serious but to Laugh your ass off!


I’ve see so Many different types of Bieber Haters everywhere, but you’d have to be a Pretty Weak Minded Bitch to be affected by anyone on the Internet Lol.

All this kid is doing is making False and empty pathetic Promises about hacking Others and getting people Arrested while Humiliating himself in front of THOUSANDS Of people.

He thinks hes sending people a message, but hes just giving Internet Users and everyone amusing pitiful Entertainment :-P

As MUCH AS I HATE The Bieber Haters, sometimes you just have to move on with your day and let it go :-D