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Justin Bieber’s 19th Birthday Bash!

The Bieb’s circus-themed party was going underway when Justin’s entourage and club security got into a confrontation.

Subsequently, the whole Bieber crew left, with Justin heading straight to his hotel. However, on Thursday night, the birthday boy did get a chance to party it up at after-hours club BLC after his concert in Birmingham.


Justin Bieber & Oprah Winfrey

Update: Interview Premiere Date


Justin & his crew met up with Oprah today for an interview that will be broadcast on Oprah’s OWN Channel.

The segment will be aired as one of Oprah’s The Next Chapter episode.

Stay tuned for the time & date!


Justin, Alfredo & Scooter With Oprah!

Oprah: The Bieber’s swag serenade outside RL’s in Chi town.