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Justin Bieber Arrives In London At Heathrow Airport (April 23rd)



You’d think it was the second coming of Christ, considering the hysterical devotion at Heathrow today.

But the dramatic scenes ensued thanks to the arrival of a certain sideways cap-wearing popstar.

Justin Bieber touched down in London, with his army of Beliebers ready to greet him.



When Justin finally arrived at his hotel, he tweeted about all the craziness!




Looks like Justin’s in a good mood today.


I really love his outfit today! So colorful. It reminds me of his old style from when he was younger :-D

If you Beliebers want to see more photos, has a great Gallery!

Justin Bieber On Being Bullied


Justin’s right, teachers & principals don’t do shit. This epidemic won’t stop until people change. If school administrative staff actually got off their asses and did something about this problem, then maybe Bullying wouldn’t be as big of an issue as it is now.



Justin Bieber’s Providing Soundtrack For New Film “Bully”

Justin Bieber’s Providing Soundtrack For New Film “BULLY”


Bullying is a cause that seems close to everyone’s hearts these days, including Justin Bieber who has given permission for his song
“Born To Be Somebody” to be used in the TV ad campaign for the upcoming documentary, Bully.

The Weinstein Group announced yesterday that the TV spot will begin airing immediately leading to the release of the film this Friday. “My fans are always up for supporting a great cause. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of as an entertainer,” Bieber said in a statement. “I hope they see ‘Bully’ with their friends and help start the conversation so we can end bullying.”

The documentary, which was originally rated R and shows how bullying can affect teens, is now rated PG-13 thanks to a viral petition started by 17-year-old Katy Butler that received over half a million signatures, including celebrities such as Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres and Demi Lovato.

So what do you think of Bieber’s support of the film and will you go see it? Let us know in the comments section below


One Direction Clears Up Rumors – NOT Collaborating With Bieber

Yesterday we wrote an article that suggests this possible collaboration.

Reports swirled on Wednesday when Direction member Niall Horan Tweeted:



Group member Liam Payne also Tweeted:



But One Direction cleared up the rumors with Access Hollywood on Thursday.

“No, we just went down there to have a look around at his recording stuff and he invited us down to have a listen to his album” Liam told Access on the set of “SNL” on Thursday, when asked if they were recording with The Biebs.

“He’s a nice guy and we had a good [listen] to the album, but I don’t think there’s any collaboration in the cards,” he added.

Thank god! I was pissed yesterday when I heard about this possible mash up.

Lmao I hope Justin brought them into the studio just to rub his success in their faces :-)