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Upsetting to hear but Valid point. Hes so cute, hes really growing up. Hes going to grow into one sexy man! :-D

The years are passing! Hes actually telling the press that people need to stay out of his private life!

Justin Bieber Reaches 9 MILLION Followers On Twitter!


So this is a HUGE Deal! Remember when everyone freaked out when Justin hit 6,000,000 Followers on Twitter back in November?

In 5 Months, he was able to Reach 9,000,000 MILLION Twitter Followers!!! Thats a lot of Beliebers! YAY Give us DAMN BELIEBERS” as well as Justin Props! This is crazy!

For the longest while, Lady Gaga was always 1 million followers ahead of The Biebz! Its 9/26/2011 and Lady Gaga is currently at 9.5 Million Followers and Justin is at 9.1 Million Followers! Watch out Gaga, Justys coming in Fast!

This is So Awesome! We all love you and were all so proud of you Justin! Your truly an amazing person and a forever phenomenon.    I wonder if Justin Bieber hits more Followers than Lady Gaga if it will be December 21St 2012 LOL! Everyone kept saying Justin will die out and will quickly leave… Two years and 9 Million+ Beliebers later, So many awards, TV Appearances, Merchandise, An Autobiography, And a 3D Movie about his Life. Sorry Miley not trying to name dropping but Even Miley Cyrus didnt have all of that.

How ever! I do think that The My World Tour is kind of putting Justin in a rut, or You can consider it a break, but I think he needs to get his Bieber Bum back in the Studio and make another Album to stay Relevant!

Bieber 2011, Twenty Eleven. Gawd I cant wait for his movie coming out May 13Th! Am I the only one who has been thinking about this Non stop? Lol’.

Justin Has 9 Million Followers On Twitter, Not Including His Fans Who “DONT” Have Twitter… ;-) WOW, Just Imagine How Many More Beliebers Are Out There!

“Its a big big world! Its easy to get lost in it!” – Justin Bieber: UP, My World 2.0