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Gaga & Bieber – Most Charitable Celebs Of 2011

Lady Gaga tops’s list of the Top 20 Celebs Gone Good for the second year in a row, according to the site.

The list, compiled by the volunteer organization, ranks celebrities according to their charitable work and donations.

The “Born This Way” singer held on to her No. 1 spot thanks to her anti-bullying efforts, like her Born This Way Foundation. Gaga is followed by fellow pop star Justin Bieber.

Bieber, who sat at No. 10 on last year’s list, nabs second place in 2011. He launched the Believe Charity Drive, benefiting music education and children’s cancer, and also encouraged fans to participate in Pencils of Promise, which raises money for new schools.

Justin Bieber Overtakes Kim Kardashian As Most-Searched Person in 2011

Wowww, this Impresses me! :-D

Justin Bieber has been crowned the most-searched person of 2011. A survey conducted by Internet search engine Bing uncovered that the “Baby” hitmaker dethroned last year’s queen of search Kim Kardashian, who slipped to No. 2, by moving from last year’s No. 6 position to the penthouse.

The 17-year-old , who also topped the list of Most Searched Musician this year, was the only male to make it into the top 10 of the search list. Aside from Kim, he was also joined by Jennifer Aniston,Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Megan Fox,Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus in respective order.

Being in a relationship with Bieber proved to be advantageous. The “Mistletoe” singer’s girlfriend Selena Gomez made a leap from #50 in 2010 to #11 in 2011. Meanwhile, the likes of Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama and Kate Gosselin were out of the top 10 list.

New to the top 10 list, on the other hand, were Katy Perry, Lopez, Lohan, Spears, Fox and Cyrus. While she was not even included in the top 50 in 2010, Lopez managed to sneak into No. 5 this year, while Perry went from No. 26 in 2010 to No. 7 in 2011. Aniston also climbed up from her position last year. She moved from No. 9 to No. 3.

Topping the most searched news stories of 2011 was the “Casey Anthony Trial”. It beat “Osama Bin Laden Death” on No. 2, “Hurricane Irene” on No. 3,”Japan Earthquake/Tsunami” on No. 4 and “Amy Winehouse Death” on No. 5. In the meantime,

Goin' To The TOP!

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding was dubbed the most searched celebrity event of the year.


Justin Bieber’s First Tweet

Justin Bieber’s first tweet was at 8:27 p.m. on May 11, 2009



  I found this, and thought I’d Share it :-D

I’ve Never Seen this video, Never even knew this existed. This is totally cute xD When Justin was a Rookie Recording Artist and not just a Brand… *Sigh*

The Good’Ol  Days Eyy?


JoJo & Bieber Collab


So the FABULOUS JoJo finally made a Comeback with her New Single ‘Disaster!’

The Leave (Get Out) Pop Singer was Interviewed earlier this year and was asked if she had ‘Bieber Fever!’ Take a look at the video below! ;-)

I even Tweeted recently that JoJo & Bieber should do a Collaboration together! The Hottest People in the Music Industry right now! They both have AMAZING Voices :-D

Here’s JoJo’s New Music Video Disaster!



Leave (Get Out)