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Justin Bieber: Forever – Lyrics Video (Unreleased Song 2009)

Took 2 days to create this video, Hope you guys like it! This song kind of grew on me, it’s such a good song.
This is our FIRST Ever Official Lyric Video, so be sure to let us know on what you think about our videos!

And maybe soon, we’ll create some more :-D


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Forever is an Unreleased Track from 2009. Forever was Leaked while a Newer Version of the Track was being Remade. (In 2011)

We recently made a Lyric Video to this song, but UMG  Records claimed copyright ownership to the Audio Track and Youtube was Obligated to Block the Video Worldwide.

We since then Re-uploaded the Lyric Video with the Newer Version of the song

So here is the New 2011 Remade Version of FOREVER!

Justin Bieber’s First Tweet

Justin Bieber’s first tweet was at 8:27 p.m. on May 11, 2009



  I found this, and thought I’d Share it :-D

I’ve Never Seen this video, Never even knew this existed. This is totally cute xD When Justin was a Rookie Recording Artist and not just a Brand… *Sigh*

The Good’Ol  Days Eyy?


JoJo & Bieber Collab


So the FABULOUS JoJo finally made a Comeback with her New Single ‘Disaster!’

The Leave (Get Out) Pop Singer was Interviewed earlier this year and was asked if she had ‘Bieber Fever!’ Take a look at the video below! ;-)

I even Tweeted recently that JoJo & Bieber should do a Collaboration together! The Hottest People in the Music Industry right now! They both have AMAZING Voices :-D

Here’s JoJo’s New Music Video Disaster!



Leave (Get Out)

Justin Is Not The Only Person Behind His Tweets

Twitter played a huge part in Justin’s instinct rise to fame in a very short time period but is Justin the only person behind his tweets?

I have long suspected for a while now that Justin, like other celebrities, is not the only person behind his tweets despite Scooter’s claim that he forces Justin to spend 2 hours on Twitter each day in order to stay connected with his fans. That might have been true early on in his career when he had plenty of free time but I personally do not believe this is completely true anymore.

Justin is now one of the biggest celebrities who is extremely busy with appearances, rehearsals, concerts, and a million other things that we (the stalkerish fansite blog that we are) are not even aware of (recording new music, time with family and friends, etc) that I find it extremely hard to believe that he himself makes all those tweets, which if you closely look at the time of the tweets, must mean he has no real sleeping schedule as the tweets occur at all times of the day.

So after seeing this sound check video taken in LA, I’m now absolutely convinced that JB is not the only person behind his tweets. At 2:46 into the video, a fan asked him “What is your favorite part about the party on wheels?” to which he replied “Party on wheels? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that expression.

Well, if JB never heard of that expression, and if he was the only one tweeting from his twitter account, then how does he explain, not just one, but the two following tweets:

And the party on wheels keeps Rollin… 



City of Angels…I will see u soon…and the party on wheels continues.  via web

Ok the second tweet might have happened after the sound check question but the first tweet happened on July 2. A person who has not heard of an expression before will not use it in their tweets, and if he did use it there is no way he would have had absolutely no clue what it meant when the question was asked.

There you have it my friends, Justin is not the only person behind his tweets. Doesn’t make him any less of the sexy and talented Canuck that we all know and love. <3