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Happy Birthday Kidrauhl!

Justin’s 18Th Birthday On ELLEN

Happy Birthday Babe. We Love You.

Seeing you grow from that little boy in a gray hoodie singing “Aye Aye Aye,”
to this gorgeous & gracious guy.

Our little Bieber is all grown up!… Hes a man now (:

It’s a sad happy day.

Happy 18Th Birthday Justin Drew Bieber ♥


It’s been an amazing experience following your Journey on this site. #JustGettingStarted

We’re your Beliebers Justin. We’ll be right by your side,
18 or 80.

Forever And Ever ♥

Have An Amazing Birthday Kidrauhl!



Beliebers Bday Sex





Live My Life — Far East Movement Ft. Justin Bieber (DIRTY BASS)

[box type=”info”] Update: “LIVE MY LIFE”
Release Date! Click HERE![/box]



Justin & Scooter both recently posted a Youtube video of LMFAO Premiering a new song featuring Justin Bieber, from Far East Movement’s upcoming album “DIRTY BASS.”

A lot of Beliebers are thinking that this song “Live My Life – Far East Movement Ft. Justin Bieber,” is for Justin’s upcoming album BELIEVE. Well it’s not… And I’m actually kind of sad that it’s for Far East Movements album. Even through the crappy video quality, you can hear the Sic beat & Justin singing the Chorus. Sounds like an AMAZING Song.

I just hope BELIEVE is the kind of Album that moves past the teen heart throb, boy-ishly phase, and into something we can BLAST our Speakers & Bass too. Something that they could play in a damn nightclub. Something we can do the ‘Dougie’ too ;-)


We REALLY Cannot Wait For BELIEVE Justin!

Justin Bieber “Where are you now”

Why Haven’t I Seen This????

The video says it was uploaded in 2009 with over 43,300,000 Views, and it’s risen from the grave all of a sudden? Im shell shocked at the moment.


Justin Bieber Reveals What Will Always Make Him Sad

Am I the only who thinks its weird how Michael Jackson Died the week “ONE TIME” was released?…

One door closes, and another one opens?

‘The King Of Pop Leaves, The Prince Of Pop Is Born.”

After performing at the late Michael Jackson‘s Hand and Footprint Ceremony in Hollywood Jan. 26, Justin Bieber took some time to chat with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about what MJ meant to him and what he’ll always regret.

“You know what? I wish I would have been able to meet him,” the 17-year-old pop star admitted. “It was really sad, you know? As soon as I released my first single was the week he passed, so it was really unfortunate. I feel like…I don’t know, it’s just really sad. That was one person I just really wanted to meet.”

Justin is usually optimistic about everything, so it broke our hearts seeing him be honest about his disappointment. However, we love how Justin will always continue to look up to his idol.

“He gave me hope. He is an icon,” Justin said about Michael. “Every time I go out on stage, I’m always trying to be the best. That’s what he always did. There’s never gonna be another Michael Jackson, as long as anyone lives.”